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We have another recap, from Zeus’ side.  This is Don Macatangay:

RecapDonWe started the game hot, scoring the first two points and then using Rhea’s power and scoring again to make it 3-0.  We were up but we were starting to already look spent since we had limited subs in 2 extra men and 1 woman.  We fortunately take half 8-3.

At the start of the second half we came out firing 11-4 but Hera really clamped down on D and pulled within three, 11-8.

We then dialed back in and finished the game on a 4-1 run to end it 15-9.

Zeus has only experienced spirited games this season and this is why we play summer league.  We’re here to get better and have fun in a safe welcoming environment and with that said I want to give a shout out to our young bloods and Pat Drwyer this game.  Helena played great D and shut down a lot of deep throws,  John’s cuts were great and he’s starting to be a great offensive threat for us, OP running her ass off on both O and D, and Pat Dryer (only a spectator tonight: recently broke his hand and OUT FOR SEASON) for coming out to support our team before he had to leave and help the wife tuck the kids in at night.


Also a special shout out to the teams that we’ve played thus far: Poseidon, Hades, and Hera for being the reason why summer league is so great and how we continue to grow our community. They’re the heroes Summer League deserves.


So Nate… you’re Batman.

Last but not least, I encourage any of our vets or “rookies” to reach out and get to know someone you don’t know.  We have a draft league primarily for this reason.  We’re all so busy playing on the field that we forget to socialize even amongst our own team.  I know we also play to play with our friends but that shouldn’t mean that we can’t have new ones.  We’re here to have a good time!
So I’ll see you at the bar.


And here’s what you missed out at Wednesday night karaoke at Joxer!

The heroes that closed out the bar!


Thanks again to Stephanie Hicks for writing that amazing RECAP/screenplay.  I would say we should shoot it but we’ve lived it…

Nice to see the shout out for the newbies.  I like to hear that.

And yeah, Steph’s script recap was off the chain.  I didn’t even comment on it above, cause I knew I could only diminish it with any stupid thing I said.


Date Time League Season
June 22, 2017 12:00 am Summer League 2017


Culver City High School

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