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Erin and I are taking a break from walking around DC. There’s only so many buildings with giant columns you can look at, and so far I’m stunned that we’ve been out and about for over 8 hours and haven’t seen one single protester anywhere. I guess people are like, fine, we give up.

So back at the hotel I have a little time to post a recap from Thursday night. This one is from Debi Patton of Hestia:

RecapDebiHestia’s winning streak is still in tact after Thursday night’s game against Ares.   Besides Ares missing both of their captains, they were also missing some key players.  So Hestia, with her army of virgins, thought we would make lite work of this battle against the God of War whose legion was slightly under staffed.  However, that was not how things went down on Mt. Olympus (aka Culver City).

Hestia decided to try some zone defense right out of the gate … but with little to no wind it proved to be too much work for the long term since Ares could move the disc well and had some notable deep throwers.  While Hestia drew the first blood we opted for the more conventional man defense going forward.  The virgins rolled it out big the next few points and while we held the lead the rest of the game, Ares was always just a point or two behind, breathing down our necks with awesome handling skills and big hucks.

Hestia also underestimated Ares’ stamina and even though they were spread thin, Johnnie Lieske and Diesel continued to grind it out and catch every other pass on some points.

Also, Ares poachy defense gave us fits on “O”.

Next Ares used their power first and chose to use the “stall count” power.  They were successful in scoring to bring them within 1 point again.

Half time was approaching and the Ares’ combo of Johnnie hucking it deep to Marcus was killing us and we realized we needed to alter our strategy.  Carl Edwards called a time out for Hestia to try and re-group.

Hestia realized that Ares was not as weak as they had initially implied before the game…  The virgins needed to change some things and quick if we were going to walk away with another “W” in the win column.

After half Hestia came back strong again.  One of our strategies to stop the bleeding on defense was to put our Noah Tomaszewski on Ares Johnnie Lieske.   Ed “bi-clops” Melo was flying all over the place on “D” and our speedster Tammas Wilner is a mad man who won more than a few 50/50s with his “death claw”.

At this point Hestia decided to use the remaining power (the ability to run with the disc).  Dylan Patton received the pull and got about 25-30 yards before being tagged by a soldier of Ares.   He then hucked the disc deep to Tammas Wilner who called a contested foul (and again, I’m sorry I can’t remember which is why I should not write recaps) but I think we turned it and while we eventually scored on that point it was not using our power.

More props to Ares poachy defense and a huck to Marcus (By Jordan?) that was deflected by not one, but two Hestia defenders and still ended up in Marcus John’s hands for a score.  A WTF moment on the Hestia side line to be sure!

The play between the teams was always fierce but eventually Hestia quit fucking around and pulled away scoring 3 points in a row to end the battle with a final score of 15-11.

I have no doubt that if Ares had all their key players on Thursday night Hestia would have been clutching her chastity belt and praying for some KY jelly.   I can safely say that they could very well be one of the teams in the 2017 Summer League finals.

I believe that makes it 4-0 for Hestia. Great start on the season for first time captains the Pattons.  Didn’t catch the halftime score though.

And I’ll have to find a recap photo for Debi later cause Erin is ready to get dinner and I can’t keep her waiting.


Date Time League Season
June 23, 2017 12:00 am Summer League 2017


Rancho Cienega Recreation Center

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