Athena vs Dionysus


Sometimes this God stuff gets ugly:

“At the direction of Hera, the infant Dionysus was torn to pieces, cooked, and eaten by the evil Titans. But his heart was saved by Athena.” – says a website.

And sometimes, it’s very intriguing.  Like in this website:

“Athena, being female, is the goddess of some very masculine traits (according to the evidence that the Greeks have left us as to how they thought), traits such as wisdom and battle. Dionysus, too, transgresses these boundaries of gender. He himself is the god of some very effeminate things in which to be involved, one such being drama. My question is this: If the idea that wisdom and battle were essentially ‘male’ existed before Athena was a Greek deity, then why is Athena not a male god? Obviously, the reverse applies to Dionysus also. If drama and excess are effeminate, then why is Dionysus not female? Alternatively, if Athena were the goddess of wisdom and battle before these ideas and stereotypes of ‘maleness’ and ‘femaleness’ came about, then how is it that wisdom and battle are not ‘female’ things in which to be involved? It is for this reason that I believe the two gods are anomalies in aspects of gender.”

These two have a complex relationship.  As Dionysus is the God of wine, and Athena is the Goddess of wisdom, together I believe they must have conspired to create:


So we can thank these two for probably saving a few lives.  Knowledge is power.

And now, with the recap of the game last night, here’s Seth Gillum of Dionysus:

RecapSethDespite a little field mishap, Dionysus and Athena got their game on. First off, huge shoutout to Athena for bringing Dionysus’ favorite beverage. So delicious, the god of wine and frenetic revelry hardly knew what to do (besides have a second cup)

But on to the game. Dionysus started on D and used the time power. Which did not work for us. I suspect the only power that will work for us is the requisitioning of the other teams beverages as a tithing to the gods. Is that a power? Cause I think we could be good at that.

Dionysus promptly turned the disc over on the first two points with swings or dumps to open players right near our own end zone. Which I personally take as an encouraging sign. Obviously no one wants to make a silly turnover and those are game 1 mistakes. But to play smart, you’ve got to get into the groove of swinging and dumping. And if that means we turn a few over trying, that’s good practice for later on in the season.

Athena, up 2-0 looked strong. One of their women had a MONSTER layout grab, and they were playing a strong, smart game. But being the god of partying, we knew that all the really good stuff happens towards the end of the eve. You can recover from a weak start with some fireball shots or making a round of mean espresso martinis. Or in the case of this game, some hard running and lock down D. Dionysus slowly worked our way back into the game to take half 8-6. Athena, god of crafts, was plenty crafty. There was a scoober(?) to the end zone, a lot of nice looking hucks, and a bunch of great plays that made the game a joy to watch. But in the end, the party went a little too late for Athena as they lost their early lead. I’m not saying the god of wisdom doesn’t have stamina. Athena played and partied hard till the end. But with Wisdom comes the knowledge that the party sometimes doesn’t go your way, that no one is getting naked, and you might be headed home alone. Because there’s always the next party. And Athena keeps her eye on the main prize, which she may well claim.

14-11 Dionysus

There is indeed always the next party.

The mishap Seth is talking about is that the game was originally scheduled for Culver City High, but the fields double booked the night with lacrosse.  So they had to move to JAMS in Santa Monica.  Fortunately that field was available.

What was the favorite beverage, by the way?  I’m assuming it was wine.  But what specifically?  Did they bring some two buck chuck, or did they actually pull this bad boy out?




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June 27, 2017 12:00 am Summer League 2017


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