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It’s hard to do an intro for Dot.  A few months ago I told a long story about Dot to a small group at Ping Pong League only to find out the entire story I told was not Dot at all, but actually Peaches.  I guess I get my tall skinny white UCLA righty handlers named Dan confused.  So now I don’t trust my memory on any story related to Dot.  I’m fairly, but not 100% certain he has an Asian girlfriend, and I think I played on Good Vibrations with him in Beach League, but now I think it was probably Peaches.

So without further ado, here’s Dot.  Maybe.

RecapDotThis is no Crunch Wrap. Unfortunately Crunch is away at CUT camp this week so you’re stuck with just my boring, square game report.

Hephaestus won the flip and started on defense and used the stall count power. We centered the disc and immediately turned it and they scored.

Sammy had a crazy catch for a score where she trapped the disc on her teammate’s back.

Grant just got his cast off but he was throwing crazy cross field righty flicks and hammers for scores (he throws lefty). Ringo and Sarabi did a great job moving the disc well in their backfield.

Victor Smith was in town for work, so we agreed that he could play with Hephaestus as long as he didn’t play on universe point, and that he bought me a beer after the game.

Hephaestus took half 8-7.

They ran zone a fair amount. Korb, Sam, and Goat did a nice job working the disc through their zone on offense.

“Retired” Jane Carlen looked like her usual self, flying around the field and making huge defensive bids.

We went in a funk out of half and got scored on a bunch. Hephaestus lead 12-9.

I personally played a not-great game and was part of the reason that we were losing at that point. But my teammates weren’t about to accept the L and played some crazy defense from that point forward.

Castro had a nice run through D. Leah got a great deep D on Xenon who had been killing us deep all night. Robin was running around the field like a crazed person and scored like 3/4 of our last points. Shout out to Tatty who ran hard the whole game after 12 hours of U-24 tryouts over the weekend.

We used the Hat D power on defense and it was surprisingly effective. It was an endless point that included a Steve Wick thrown hat point block. Hephaestus was holstering throws on the sideline in fear of the flying hats. Eventually we scored.

Final point of the game, 14-13 us, Steve Wick gets a HUGE layout D on the centering pass off the pull and we score on the fast break.

15-13 Chronos.

Grant and Jane went with the “draft height” strategy, and they are truly a team of giants. I was looking up at them during the after-game spirit circle. It was a weird feeling.

We had a great showing at the bar with Hephaestus, Chronos, and Hermes all showing up strong and staying until 1 AM. Maybe not the best choice, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

The coming back from losing at halftime got me thinking.  I now have a year’s worth of half-time scores because I’ve been tracking it in Summer League 2016 and Winter League 2017.  I can probably put together a list of the percentage chance of winning a game after every half-time score.  It would definitely take some time to compile, cause I’d have to look at each game individually, but that’s the kind of crap I like to do when I have some free time.

It’s also really fascinating to know Grant can play right handed for all of what, a few months, and he’s already able to throw righty flicks and hammers for scores?  In the July 4th, 2013 LAOUT poll, I asked “If you lost your dominant hand from an exploded fire cracker, do you think you’d ever learn to throw as well with your other hand?”

Results of that poll were split almost right down the middle:

32 people answered “Yes, I’m sure given enough time and practice, I could get there.”

31 people answered “I doubt it. I’d try hard, but it seems unlikely I could match how well I can throw with my dominant hand.”

2 people answered “No, because I’d probably stop playing after something like that.”

Grant’s been doing this for only since March, and he’s gotten pretty adept at it.  I’m sure he’d say he’s not near where he is left-handed, but again, it’s not really been that long.

And now, here’s a recap from Goat of Chronos, the esteemed Spring and Fall Beach League creator/executive producer, which was pieced together from texts he sent me:

RecapGoatWe won a good one last night. Came back from down 11-7, tied at 13. Scores to be 14-13. And Steve (can’t remember his last name) ran down after the pull and had a layout D, cutting off the 1st pass and throwing a quick throw for the win.

We also got a sideline hat D. I think also from Steve.

They came out strong with their stall count changeroo, and got us to turn it over right away. They scored and played strong the rest of the game. We were tied at 7-7, and they took half.

There were a few very long points (mistakes happen when you’re tired and close to the end zone) and Goat threw a, let’s just call it horrible, huck to a sprinting Mike Dow, mostly because he was open, and partly to relive the glory of the days of Barrel of Hurt. Although Mike was a bit faster back then and Goat claims his hand was very slippery from sweat and knew he shouldn’t have thrown it.

And this is certainly not an afterthought, our women played great as always. Solid handling and cutting. Including a team effort catch by Samantha and Hazel, where it looked like it was intended for Hazel, but Sam grabbed it, then bobbled it, then pinned it on Hazel’s back for the score.

Whatever it takes.  Whatever it takes.

Barrel of Hurt was a Winter League team that lasted from 2003 to 2010 (was it that long ago?) that originated as Flying Guillotines in 2003, then Good Hurt in 2004, then Barrel of Hurt from 2005 to 2008 and finally The Barrel in 2009 and 2010.  Over their history, they went 18-32-2 and their best year was in B Division in 2006 when they went 6-1 and finished in first place.

And it has been said, and it is true, that you can never have too many recaps.  So let’s get the third recap from Chronos’ side.  0 recaps from Hephaestus and 3 from Chronos.  Tattoo is the fastest woman I’ve ever played on grass with (I had to qualify that because I played beach with Vendetta, but I’ve never played with her on grass) and I really want to see her in a race with Scrappy.  I believe this is her first recap:

RecapTattooFilling in for Mia “Crunch” Tess since she is with the frisbee greats at CUT Camp Portland, so here is my best attempt at the Summer League Crunch Wrap

It was a lull of a start for good ole Chronos, we immediately found ourselves down a break after the first point when Hephaestus used the time power.

Fellow chro-bae Sherry joked on the line “what’s the fun in being up from the start?”, in reference to our 3 come from behind wins this season. It was a pretty quiet first half trading points with only one or two spats between some of the guys (it is ALWAYS the guys…)

Much to my surprise Grant was NOT still weak from his broken wrist as Dot had mentioned earlier in the day via G-chat (his favorite means of communication). He was dropping hammer dimes and putting on a clinic.

Other player highlights came from the steady handler movement of Ringo, deep cuts from Xenon, and everyone running in their cup.

Our main first half highlight came from team effort between Hazel and Sam, Robin threw it into the endzone and somehow Sam ended up catching it off Hazel’s back after a couple bobbles. Very incredible. Robin was a little extra grateful for the two of them bringing down that disc to end a long point.

Hephaestus takes half 8-7.

The second half of the second half is when we finally decided we weren’t going to lose this game. Being down 9-12 we surged. with huge D’s coming from Mike, Leah, Castro, Steve and Steve’s hat. Yes, we successfully got a hat D turn much to my surprise.

We finish the game with an exclamation point, a layout D by Steve who throws a fast break score to speedy Robin.

Final score 15-13 Chronos.

I’ll take this moment to apologize to my team for getting a little angry during last night’s game and yelling but I was very frustrated. I get frustrated when we look off women that are open and throw contested deep shots or when a woman does get the disc and guys swarm her trying to get the disc back. And it’s really unfortunate how ingrained this is to summer league culture. It’s very demeaning to think that lowly of your teammates that people would rather throw contested hucks than 100% dumps. So please I really encourage you to take a moment and think about how you can get all your teammates involved on the field. It makes the game a lot more enjoyable when everyone feels like they are contributing in one way.

My advice to 0-4 Hephaestus, utilize your very talented women better.

tatty out

Very true words.  Especially when it’s 4-3.  I mean, it wasn’t that terribly long ago that Winter League was 5-2 (when I started playing W.L. in 2000 it was 5-2 or 6-1, offense chooses), and St. Pat’s Hat still is pretty much 5-2.  But in a 4-3, there’s just no excuse not to get your women very involved in the game.  That’s a terrible double negative, and there’s no excuse for that too.


Date Time League Season
June 28, 2017 12:00 am Summer League 2017


Rancho Cienega Recreation Center

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