Zeus vs Hermes


Here's a great photo of Klepto I found.  I really had to search for this one.  Don't try to find old photos in her main Photo section.  I'm not joking when I say I scrolled for five solid minutes and I still wasn't past 2015.
Here’s a great photo of Klepto I found.  I really had to search for this one.  Don’t try to find old photos in her main Photo section.  I’m not joking when I say I scrolled for five solid minutes and I still wasn’t past 2015.

Klepto called me out last week and said I don’t give her enough of an intro before her recaps.  That’s probably fair.  I haven’t really been doing that as much this Summer.  So here’s the intro.  It’s a potential fact about Klepto that has a 50-50 chance of being true.  The first time I really met Klepto was when I gave her a ride home from a Summer League game last year.  And I’m pretty sure she was super drunk and we had to drop her off at her apartment where it’s not 100% clear if she passed out before making it inside or not.  And I think she may have even left a bag or something in my car, and I had to bring it back to her cause I’m nice like that.  That may not have been her, I may be conflating her and another Hellions girl from another story.  I feel like Zazu can verify if this is true. But if it was true, it was an excellent way to meet someone.

The next time I was with Klepto and cars were involved was definitely last year when I brought her Summer League jerseys to take to the field, which was really cool of her.  She was supposed to bring me cones from a tournament, but she forget them in her other car.  Nobody’s perfect.


That’s my amazing Klepto intro.  (Careful what you ask for.)  Emoticon And now, from Hermes, here’s the Klepkap:

RecapKleptoJulia was injured tonight (she worked very hard at Solstice this last weekend) and spent the entire game savagely dictating each and every play into her phone. By the fourth point, I’m pretty sure she already had over 3 pages of recap. So scroll below if you’re brave enough for nonsensical play by play. WARNING: High levels of gibberish.

Grammatically Correct Notes:

Sober was sick, Justin Fang is in Europe for a month, and Spencer Goldman was at a golf tournament (EW), so before the game even started, I was sweaty in uncomfortable places.

But super impressed with how much people stepped up. Matt Burke can fly; Austin Barkley handled and cut hard; Jack and Max provided athletic deep D we usually expect from Sober; James and Darren consistently had strong unders; Judge had no cleats and killed it in her stylish sneakers; Viv actually almost got a Hat D; Clarasophia’s deep game was strong; Wall-e is the lug of my life; I’ve fangirled enough about Frankie; and every time I’m feeling down, I look at Noodle and feel better. 15-13 loss, wish there was a stat line for levels of effort and lug.

I’ve known Lu Wang for about a year now and this was the first time I have seen him play frisbee. Honestly, thought that maybe he was just like a handsome ultimate groupie, but damn, dude is more than just #ManCandy. Balled out, broke our marks left and right.

I met Stork for the first time, always <3 to Hellions past or present. She seemed very weird, which is ideal. There is definitely hot pink in those veins.

Shoutout to Cortez for subbing for us yet again. Such a part of the team, we added her to our Hermes team GroupMe.

Creamer and Hoover were awful to guard #VivaStrong

Don is a hard captain to play against—like no matter how competitive you are, how can you not smile when you see that guy?

Ran into Tattoo after her game and her tan was very on point #GoldenBurrito. When asked if she was going to the bar, she said, “No, I just want to go home and talk to Mia,” and I nearly vomited on the turf. Soon after though, Tat made a gross brag and the world was right again.

Am honestly so pleased with how bar attendance has been this season. Like we are losing some heartbreakingly close games, but green shirts have been consistently outnumbering others which warms my heart and my liver.

Great turnout from other teams too, got to chat with my frisbee idol Jane and truly, she is a lovely person. Almost makes me want to bruin my life and go to UCLA to take one of her classes. Almost.

Wall-e had two sips, literally two sips, of her mixed drink and was drunk

There was a mysterious pitcher of Bud Light that was just sitting on an empty table. It looked so full and lonely that I just had to grab it and give it some love. Dan and I used it to teach people a terrible drinking game called, “The Bitch.” Find us at Potlatch and we’ll teach you.

Another successful Summer League night in the books. Genuinely sad we have a BYE next week. Although probably good since Potlatch is sure to ruin my life this weekend.

You mentioned the P word.  And now I’m sad that I’m not going.  Was going to reunite with some old folks this weekend, but my stupid groin ended any of that.  What are groins good for anyway?

Do I have to go to Potlatch to learn about the game?  This must be revived at a future Joxer’s night.

I’m going to break in between Klepto and Kumbha’s recaps here, because Kumbha’s is a little difficult to read (not that there’s anything concerning in there, I mean it’s actually difficult to understand because it was dictated into a phone) and there’s A LOT of it.  So let’s first go to Don Macatangay from Zeus.  Don is a champion cornhole player and needs to do karaoke competitively.  People love Don so much that six of us collectively cock blocked a guy so he could talk to a cute girl at Hopu.

RecapDonAt the beginning all we had were Hoover, Lu, and Jeff but as soon as 8PM hit EVERYONE arrived! We started the game 1-2 and then decided to use our power, Rhea, but failed and went down down 1-3 and soon to be 1-4. We then chip away to make it 3-4 but then they go up 4-7 and a timeout was called. Ugh it was exhausting…

I won’t lie, we were low energy and needed a pick me up so we threw down our sick team cheer:

Jupiter of the House Olympus!
First of his name!
God of the Heavens!
Stone of Chronus!
and the one true king!
What is our name?!

(Exclamation points necessary because you need to know how excited we were.)

…and we really did yell like that. After the time out we come back and tie it up 7-7 but then they take half 7-8.

At the beginning of the second half we traded points to 9-10 but then went on a 3-0 run to take the lead 12-10 and then traded points all the way to 15-13. (Hermes used their power somewhere in there but I don’t recall) But overall it was a spirited game and a grind to the end.


Notable highlights:
– Jonathan Cotler had a HUGE sky in the endzone for a score and Klepto has announced him as the most stereotypical ultimate dude on the field.
– Linus Kim had some sick D’s! And he shall now be known as Tower. MAKE IT STICK PEOPLE!
– Helena has improved so much since our first game!
– Lance getting a run down D to prevent a score.
– OP preventing a few scores of her own.
– Creamer cutting like there is no tomorrow.
– Lu for breaking everyone and he didn’t even travel!… I don’t really know #WeTalkinBoutTravelin? Let’s talk about #HandBlockCity!
– Jeff Afryl with the monster sky in the endzone to make it 14-12.
– Pat coming out to support the team with that sideline presence!
– Stephen, Evan, Stork, Hoover all solid games and huge in making our offense GO!
– The team as a whole: We are getting better every week! We are truly playing the game. I’m very proud of this team!


– And apparently a lot of people on Hermes have never seen me play before and they needed to let me know.


There’s no rational for this gif I just really enjoy it.


I’m sure Lu didn’t travel at all.  Lu says he never travels.  And if he says he doesn’t travel, then, you know…..

I’m waiting for Don to incorporate the roller coaster cheer into the Gods.  I know he’ll find a way.

And now, here comes Kumbha.  Injured and dictating.  First, a bit of a prologue from Klepto:

This may be the worst recap ever written. Or in this case, dictated. It probably should have been an audio file. I’m sorry in advance if you get through this, lol at you. Common misdictated phrases- Tofu is Toph, any variation of Loo or Louise is Lu Wang. I actually don’t know what a lot of this says… read at your own risk.

I feel like I’m definitely going to have to leave my editing equipment at home for this one.  Here goes.

RecapKumbhaIt’s 820 right now here out at Jackie Robinson field green started ID and pulled to hello oh there were a couple turns on the play but yellow has the disk again with some girl and white who I don’t recognize time you’re in that side the end zone all right people are talking around me and they don’t realize their voices are also going to be recorded on my dictation oh and the disk with Jared Jack is going deep waiting on Wall-E to initiate she did her body! Wall-E hocks but blue read the disk significantly better than my own teammate Jack need to go to the gym oh Jean with a D needing to go to the gym she strong . Frankie keeps talking next to me so half of those words were his butt anyway oh yikes hey we’re good you get Andi Carrandi you’re mad tight. Why so send it from Caltech just tried to tow the line in my humble opinion I thought he was out but Jean who sometimes can be known as a pushover just said that it was in so it’s OK it was a D point but I think we could’ve gotten that break Jean runs after the other side nine raring to go well Austen is here at 8:22 and we will be playing one point he left work at about 730. I don’t. I just tried to interview Lou wings from the yellow team but he whispered so nothing was picked up anyway we are now on so for our first open point of the day. On the sideline we have Brandon Steverson here watching girlfriend and ice cream date Cortez who is subbing for myself Julia. Wow Donnya is really fast I have never seen him play frisbee but homey has legs do you need Frankie slide to catch her – and in return he makes her slide to catch is Matt there is a nice I/O to Frankie in the inside lane Frankie and Jean move the desk Frankie is killing it Jean has got to release the desk at some point and she does to Max alto additions to Frankie oh he fix the hammer almost got it Cortez is open on the Brickside and the disc is paused.. The desk is tapped any breaks it to Cortez she back and dump it to Klepto who fix the back hand and she dishes and go to playing Jean shredder shredder all right oh she looks off Matt Burke in the break space we’re losing yards I’m not sure what’s happening but Jean and Frankie could win their match ups but their hesitating never get open all right all right where is gorgeous up all right we turn the game. A Hoover Huck is Miss Read and turned our team resets to the desk to keep going on this opening to Boris. Frankie with a short talk to Matt that he reads break Stert Cortez passes to Judge and throws it up and Matt Burke for the store that’s our number two draft pick Matt Burke it’s his second game of the year with us right now Sober is missing today so Matt becomes our top guy for the night only. So Jim looks a tad tired on the line I’ll be honest I think there are a couple break though she could’ve thrown that will work on it it’s only .3. Cortez how are you feeling about that point it was a little lengthy for my liking there you have it folks it was a little lengthy for her liking, please keep in context she requests. We Paul and all Matt Burke gets a run through D with Bluewing moving up field with another girl and yellow whose name I’m not sure anyway we have to just hang out outside the end zone with Klepto picking up a nice break to Matt Burke and he hits her on the Ohio and she breaks again to Jack never have I seen so many breaks from Jean and one time but Greene takes the lead with a break 2 to 1. All right so we’re going live again from Jackie Robinson field our third pick Spencer Goldman did not show up due to a company golf tournament I personally think he could’ve came to the game because his golf tournament started at about 5 o’clock but he selfishly chose not to come even after missing our first four games for a Europe trip he’s grumpy call so I texted him and he still refused to come I think that’s fucked up what about you guys. Right next to me about 5 feet away Nick Frisby peds is Doug Murphy once I dog sat for them over skidding break.

All right so yellow moves the desk wow want someone tell me Luanne wasn’t good at summer league but he’s currently shredding Jack Briskin our team but Gideon just use the shit out of tofu. All right taking a break from dictation to type that Vivian just did the shit out of Toth. Don cheers on the sideline for Coumba but it’s actually Cortez just so you guys know I don’t tend to drop the disc but anyway Don is yelling Cortez don’t get beat up line oh she almost did but she still there that’s my said Cortez I love her. Yellow moves the desk and Lou saves possession barely barely he breaks the Marco and the other teams desk came on our field it looks like serapes fault from here but who knows. All right he breaks the creamer in the middle of the field cheaters a Harley’s back in the thing tophi 7 feet tall and he whip something and so Captain Klepto demands that the green team takes care of the desk right now so we’ll see what happens. And one thrown we’ve turned the desk no shade it Austin but it was his turn to Jacquie Briski just handle of you wearing on the end zone line while he throws a backhand 30 yards I’m Austin hates Jack and I don’t look at this look at her and she breaks the disk to Darren let’s get that just back in Molly’s hands and we do Wall-E stands alone as a handler there’s no one back to help. To be honest I know it’s dire when Wall-E is handling you know it’s all right so Don and cheering for me still and then questions what shade spectrum we are going off of because I said that Cortes was for shades lighter than my say we have an injury on the field for my friend Cooper and we have a Caltech girl subbing in last name will be 33 number 33. And we score that I forgot if it was a break to be honest send Katz a guys in the US she shirt fight on fight on guy thought on anyway our team is doing great right now going to hi5 to be able Madison some odd nude colored socks again he wear those last week you were is not like it anyway no. I’m wondering if I should even keep doing this because honestly it’s not that legible and I don’t know if people read it but I’m like you doing it anyway big props to Jack Briski for that Endzone hand block is a little sweaty but I’ll give them a high-five anyway. There are some fireworks going off I’m not sure where I can’t quite see them in the sky but we were also just warned about a potential so a lot of us are on the lookout guarding our lawyers as they say anyway yellow continues to move the desk I can’t give you a play-by-play cause I don’t know a lot of their names. Turn. I’m still looking out for the bicycle thief to be clear he doesn’t steal bicycles but he’s on a bicycle and is a thief. Vivian does not like call and apparently I’m not quite sure why but she doesn’t like that she has sensitive skin back says. She has a large neck but the shirt is a small Nicole.

He might be in because I look at the wrong white lion Heusen and yellow scores and then you know the score I think it’s 2 to 4 but I way we started on that side so just to be odd it might be 5 to 2 I’m not sure to be honest you know score. All right it’s 3 to 2 some guy in a USC shirt tells me and my cocaptain Jean clarifies oh shit I meant to talk to you about the power that sucks what are you using this this so yeah OK shit OK so we fucked up one of the Powers this week actually sucks it’s from like Saint Pats has I think but no one on our team is even wearing a hat so there’s literally no benefit and I meant to tell Jean before the game that we should use the Stoll power on the first point and I forgot so now we get stuck with that power but all right so Branden Steverson brought us a sweat stained LA aviators Hassan and I am now test with collecting hats specifically for the usage of our power how do you I still think we’re headed to Savannah and I really wish I had remembered to talk to Jean before the game about using the Stoll one but here we go. Berkshires he’s not quite used to handling he threw it to Vivians back but that’s OK yellow looking to break here Georgia point no point I think so yeah I think the hat thing you know you get to throw your hat hit the D I mean the desk but it’s kind of you need like a bowling ball hat or something. Tow for grabs possession and then throws I just got the back so now Jean gives Matt a greenlight get under a very vivid you aren’t running a route snack today I’m not sure how to work it either oh man Wall-E throws a flip cup that wasn’t quite connecting but Hoover is just running around the field like a crazy person but Wall-E gets a D hell yeah Wall-E Matt gets that this is Woodyso Darren catches a hop from Matt and is not disputing with blue wearing about if he told the liner not unfortunately he caught it in the 10 yards in the end zone where that back line does not connect so it’s really hard to tell but to be fair we gave them a towing of the back line so they should give us a chilling on the back line because I did previously happen so tit for tat Matt that’s what I just said in the recap we gave them a line towing so that should give us a line towing. All right so they just get sent back let’s hope right now that Matt can break the market and get it to Wall-E in the middle Dickey be clear I meant to say middle of the field not Dieck. Not yet Noodle I’m still waiting for your big moment I haven’t seen it yet I’m so green continues to move the desk while he takes over really showing her around two ladies Tatis and Max alto catches a mid range throats not sure if it was meant for him but he sealed in the score. Green play if you have a hat on or find a hat I have a singular hat for Matt Burke so we are still looking for hats for this hat D point I might need to borrow a hat but. So just to be clear you guys can throw your head and hit the desk should I tell the other team are using the haploid. All right we’re actually going to save the usage of this hat. We only had three hats on the line so we need seven. Just confirming it’s 42 green. Jean jumped about five seconds too late for that D but she still tight on her girl who is in a Ronaldo shirt must be a Soccer fan all right wow Don is wrecking it I seriously did not know he was so fast I’ve never seen him play frisbee before and so he said to just go and it’s a job

I see Branden Severtson on the far side oh shit Frankie hocks and Matt Burke youthful he runs down the field he tries to jump in and Isabel 5 yards too short but he hates Noodle for the score and so Noodle is a USC player. So we call a time out so Judge the only person he’s played Saint Pats hats can explain the hat rule to everyone. So we learned that the hat is an extension of your body you cannot hit another player without that wrote the check out but you can kind of wave it around oh Brandon says I’m going to participate in this cause I can’t participate in anything else so you can take the hat from the sideline and throw and get a D are you sure that’s a rule all right so I’m going just kidding I gave up my hat to someone on my team so I can actually not participate in this but I see James or the hat James can I use that hat James James James can I use that hat great I’m going to throw it from the sideline to get a D and participate. Looking onto the other field I see Alex Korb playing he was not there when we played the hourglass team and I missed him for social reasons but was glad he was not there for Frisby reasons. All right and the hat. Commences it is thrown I am on the wrong side to use my hat oh Vivian throws your hat and it hits the disc but the girl still catches it unfortunately and so they have it on the Endzone lied I am not quite sure how to use my hat I’m really far away and the hat does not work and they score so just to be clear I think that Pointer is dumb and I’m really sorry for the team last year they got this power because you can basically do nothing with it. Props to Vivian there for that a.m. and almost getting the D all right it is 523 and we are receiving. All right I’m gonna take a break from dictation but I’ll be back soon.

All right I’m back it’s been about two minutes and it’s crazy the Darren Toth matchup is actually pretty good Hoover pussy deep and tell jumps a bit early into Matt Burke or defender and it was your turn. And Darren said to stack Matt hits James underneath Austen is a bit deep I think it’s are here tonight again and we turn the disc and fortunately. And it’s 5 to 4 Jean can hear so I think you need to dictate a bit more because there is no movement. It’s 60 for Branden stepped in to help our team on cutting and field awareness which I appreciate. And Toth turns a disc for yellow near the end zone and we get another chance after we turn the desk for them so there have been a couple turns this point to be clear. And we put it in the score is 7 to 4 no half is at eight so it’s 7 to 4 and Matt Burke puts it into Cortez for the score after a lot of running a lot other things Viv catches a hook per usual. John is just yelling the word butter I’m not sure why to be honest Orin. It’s 75 Hermes is still up receiving let’s hopefully put this one in for half. Wall-E is coughing at me I’m not quite sure why she’s in the tank up that she also has a marine right now and she says they’re not the same but they are her pants are a little high waisted and she’s wearing leggings. What is the say like from my point of you I have a new just fucking sucks it’s where another fuck that shit next sounds British I’m not sure why it’s odd that what’s going on buddy has indigestion in case the Bing didn’t pick it up. And the ladies on the white and yellow team broke and it’s 7 to 6 for it. All right and we’ve gotten broken again we had to just do the end zone and we could not break them or can we turned it so it’s 77 and this is our final chance to take Huff we are still up a break to be clear but I do wish our team was a tad bit more visionary trailblazing the way for a win let’s go Cortes.

And Matt Burke Hudson deep to Vivian are number one deep cutter and she gets fouled so she gets a disk on the engine line a quick dump to Judge and earn oh I flick to Jack Briski in the back line. And Greene just to cat 87 we will come out of her phone offense so we are still up I break. Do you want to nickname Viv blowjob BJ for short because she has a blowjob knees I personally am not a fan of that but will keep it on the table.
All right Herman lets bringing to cheer. And yellow bricks outside of half it is 8 to 8 I’m gonna have a talk with Max. 8-9 yellow breaks after a green turn . So yellow as a girl name OP but not to be confused with Opie pain but anyway she caught the artist frisbee throw and lu is saying she is comparable to Opie pain not even, shes better all right Opie pain didnt make made the national team this Opie could you could first all right you heard it first here at 9:30 June 27 here at Jackie Robinson field there’s a new Opie in town. And Klepto if there is a deep can judge sky Hoover and Judge snags it after a Caltech guy flight into his own teammate Hoover know she is a small girl but he should’ve been way more conscious of where he was going I’m seeing a lack of body control on the field folks I’ll be honest but thank you to Judge for catching that over top of two defenders. I’m honestly wondering if Noodle is dating the boy she brought to summer league that’s just a random thought but I am wondering. Its 9s. A sick pool just happened and yellow has the desk let’s see if we can get a turn this all Matt is so nice and did not trampled the new Opie pain he . Fell to his knees in restraint of getting the D Ann Lee are wearing big back in fake and he turns the disk on the I/O flick Frankie yells that’s the Luong I know nothing more savage than that guys.

Tonight or center handler is Matt Burke Alexa Cohen with an off-line to Jean who Busey with the flick up and tell the sky is Vivian he did not have as nice of a move as Matt did with that girl but Matt don’t worry the hawk is not coming Cortez on a Caltech girl Luke is close to traveling I remember that happening in another recap but no one has called yet maybe Cortes. Matt burke gets huge for the D ocer the caltrch guy in the ysc shirt. And we turn it on a dump. skipper if you’re out there Wall-E just got my elbow. And toe for the higher leaseback and that blue cannot hang onto I looked down but I’m not sure if there’s a call or not I saw Matt Burke involved in the play and the disc is going back so we will see what happens Jack Briski on the mark he’s a pretty big dude yet tell if still looks over him I he probably does that to most people he’s next too. And the disc is turned Matt Burke still has the desk and things are happening Cortez with the wide open under. Matt Burke shreds tofu and then throws the disc away with a trailing I’ll flick out the back corner I’m not quite sure what happened there he must be tired anyway the disc is in yellow his hands and they have 70 yards to go. Oh and the side Lagno’s Alayna so this is the girl that Jean and I tried to stop but could not find anyway and she’s calling the porch Viv might get herself killed but she’s playing very good defense up it just goes up ROP catches a break once again doing something that opie payne herself might do. Annville get to him blocked Austen helps with this jeep and who’s going to catch it it was D by Lantz. And a timeout called everyone should grab water to rehydrate themselves people are looking a tad bit sweaty. 9-10 yellow many turns this ppint. I hate soencer goldman who isnt here and i hate my hip for not playing frisbee. We get a turn austin on the mark. CORTEZ FLICK TO KLEPTO .

Cortez just flick has a remarkably improved since the last time she said for us to weeks ago. 10s i’m already did and we’re back to 1011 one of the Caltech boys scored I don’t know which one to be honest but he was going to get the 77 but anyway we are receiving on so it is number 7710 to 11 it was number 77 if you want to look up the Caltech roster there is a panda on their jersey though matching Molly is Panda socks. Wall-E says she cannot tonight I’m not quite sure if it’s because she’s been secluded in Irvine but she’s back to LA now she claims it was hard she was more a fact that she was in Irvine alone and nothing was more harsh than Mia saying Wall-E single and ready to mingle white boys hit her up. So Louis and just laid out for a position save and I’m still confused why people say he’s not good at Frisbee can someone ask them not to be inside the cons are you guys were playing together anyway there are some large football players running on the field thank you I think we’re on aware of what we call boundaries mean anyway yellow still has to just got out of the end zone in the pic was called. A hammer throw from John that is incomplete to open cutters could not catch that I’m not sure if it was their fault he probably was people say it’s a throwers fault but it never is the cutter should’ve been there. Wall-E claims that Lewis on crack cocaine I am not sure if she knows what it’s like to be on back order but Brandon Severson chimes in that it could be math anyway he overthrows creamer oh you look at the desk after a Klepto dropped Lee Beaty home hands and right now Cortez has the disc we see some lick fakes and Frankie’s got it he’s looking for the help someone trust Matt Burke! Clopton I want to fuck up the van and Opie pain deezer Opie pain is still on the field talk about a shade lighter in skintone that was racist anyway. Hoover with the shot deep that was beautiful to one of the actually he’s a UCLA guy smog and Barrett is yellow breaks after a really long point and it is 9 to 11. I lied it’s actually 10 to 12 I have been corrected 10 to 12. Judge jeep to coleslaw and it bounces off her finger on the Layout but yellow has 70 yards to go. Matt Burke gets the deal he fix the hammer but no one is on the Brickside and Wall-E miss pancakes it and it’s a tirn. Tofu throws it away and we have the 20 yards out let’s see if we can put it in. Frank he owes you got this chainsmokers I’m not quite sure who is talking to you it could be coleslaw still ripping off your name Burke oh Hollywood a break and it pops up unfortunately to talk to who is coaching and he hocks and I have a backhand but Matt Burke is here and sky fucking city with the D. Well he gets the perch do you but unfortunately I am not an on the field to huck it to her deep which is what normally would happen. A reminder that Judge is in sneakers because she forgot her cleats and yellow transit guess Matt Burke picks up.

And Wall-E gets it in to Jack Briski in the end zone and correct me if I’m wrong Don is that 12s 1211 it was 1210 when you guys were up here I don’t know that’s what I’m asking I’m wondering if Lu is trying to fake me out if you want because it was 1210 it’s trouble of it and everyone. Okay its 11-12 we pull
And they break us it’s 11 to 13 put our spirits are still high oh I don’t think so we weren’t because it was 11 to 12 anyway am yeah so Geoff flew in dogs are made I also have never seen play frisbee before but he just God someone on our team and it was really athletic so props to him another sleeper pick in my opinion that they benefited from and we did not benefit from. Brandon says the key is to draft better and I would agree except their draft picks for limited. I think we all know that means if we seen Alex Carey’s live video anyway.
Anyway Austin gets a D in Hooksett deep to Maxey to slight miss read and does not get the jest but it was a great cut some dude named Lantz do you eat him. Matt Burke hand blocks turn off on the ends online and we have it right there Matt Burke is looking for someone to go to and I’m not quite sure what he’s doing but he gets this to Jean in the middle the field they have some D and he breaks the Mark to Wall-E but a pic was called. There is some football players near the back of our end zone line who ever been a bit of an issue they’ve been cordial when we asked them to but they are still intruding on your space and anyway we get a score Jean to Matt Burke right at the front Cohen good patient screen. 12-13 quick score from yellow 12-14. Frankie overshoots Jean with the back and hook in the end zone with some bling he marks from Don Maca Tanguay or whatever his last name is I don’t know how to make it tonight Geoff says. And yellows the desk with 65 yards to go. Frankie playing the Hardisty I’ve seen all year on Don I think it’s a good match up and he gets a high really soft OPP in Wall-E poached off a bit too far and she overthrows but Stuart is out of balance despite a good catch over my cocaptain Klepto. Stork the bird not Stuart. Tofu holds a disk and then gives it back to Frankie after a strip Cortez break side and that’s the score for Greene. 13-14. And yellow works it down the field on offense and that’s game 13 to 15 a score we’ve seen many times before but let’s lighted up and high-five them.

Normally I would read the whole thing before posting, but in this case I’ve got three other recaps to post and this is very long and Reedcapesque in some sections, so I’ll read this later this afternoon when I have some time, and just hope to God she didn’t call anyone out this time who gets upset.


Date Time League Season
June 28, 2017 12:00 am Summer League 2017


Rancho Cienega Recreation Center

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