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This is very exciting.  I don’t even want to lessen it with my trite words.  I’m just gonna get right to it.  The main event is Alex Carey’s recap below which you have to read.  But I want to start with Spike’s recap from Poseidon:

RecapSpikeDefender of the deep: the Kingfish


fuzzy on this, but i think they used the 5-15 power and failed (we turned, remy got a d, i threw a quick goal)

we used the hat power, hit johnnie on the arm with a hat on a turnover that came back, and then Jim almost got a sideline hat d in the end zone.

No recap from Ares’ side, but Dan Perahya did send me this to post:

Why You Should Always Call Even On Flips

And that’s enough foreplay.  Let’s get to the main event.  Without further ado, here’s Alex Carey of Poseidon:

Special life changing recap, read all about it!

Last night’s game pitted Poseidon against Ares. It was a fierce match with great intensity. It was by far the closest game we have played which made it the most exciting. Head to Don Mac’s fb page to watch the livestream. We even got lucky enough to be graced by our very own cronus (andy bandit).

Pretty early in the game Ares used the stall power, however it failed due to a short field turn and a quick conversion by Spike and Remy. Half was at 7-8, we alternated points most of the time, a break here and there but no one ever went up by more than 2. Ares is full of athletic dudes that can be a nightmare to guard. More than once they put some swilly stuff expecting it to be caught, and in general it was. Props to their ladies for running most of the offense, some of their dumping and swinging really opened up the field for them.

We used the hat D power just out of half. They threw for a score, Jim (on the sideline) was able to swat the disc and hit it with his hat but Johnny Lieske was still able to pull it down. However, I would like to argue that for future games this is a turnover, because the hat was still in the hand of a sideline player, and not thrown, for all intents and purposes this event is akin to the disc hitting a tree. Even if it’s caught after it hits the tree it’s still a turnover. Food for thought, perhaps a ruling by Andy is necessary. Sarah Woodard once again proved shes unstoppable on the open side. Get out of her way because shes gaining huge yards constantly. Poseidon starts to pull away a little after half, probably something like 13-10. However a few points later its 14-13 and suddenly it feels like there could be a comeback. Lucky for Poseidon and unlucky for Ares they have a really bad pull that results in basically a reverse brick. Spike to seabass and seabass throws a low hockey assist to tim who then throws to remy? i think.

Alright, now to the real business. I was gonna write a shit ton, but instead Don had me send him all the videos from last night, suffice it to say, i started off the night singing radiohead’s karma police and ended the night singing moulin rouge elephant love medley. Andy bandit was definitely the special performance of the night singing lets get it on while touching all parts of tidals body, meanwhile erin was watching and biting her lip sensually, just craving andy to make his way over to her, and let me tell you he did, and it was hot. Watch the video below for all the highlights of last night.

Once again the night ended outside the naughty shop, don, tidal and myself closing it down.

Feeling blessed to be part of such a good group in LA. I started playing ultimate in la when I was about 12 years old, I’ve been playing against chuck aramaki for 15 years now. That’s more than half my life in this community, playing pickup, college, club and still my favorite league. I played my first summer league in 2004, i was 14 years old and the worst player on the team. I met my lovely wife through pickup and we had our first kiss/terrible makeout at the 2011 summer league party while trying to win sweaters. Through the guidance of several ultimate players eileen and I gave that relationship the chance it deserved when neither of us thought it was likely to work. 5 years later in that same contest I wanted to propose in front of everyone, finally maybe winning one of those damn sweaters. however a death of a close friend meant eileen had to leave town and i had to propose somewhere else. We had our wedding on hawaii where we brought a team to play in the hopu tournament. I wanted laout and ultimate to be a part of our next big event, and so summer league 2017, I present to you the first babycap.


Thank you LA!

Congratulations Alex and Eileen!  That’s fantastic news.  I was fortunate enough to be on the Hopu team at the wedding, and I can’t wait to meet the little guy when he arrives.


Date Time League Season
June 29, 2017 12:00 am Summer League 2017


Culver City High School

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