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It was so nice to be out at the field last night to watch Ultimate.  I’ve gone now in back-to-back days.  Rancho Cienega is so close to my house it’s silly not to go.  So many cool people are there to hang out with and we go out to the bar after.  What more can I want?

Buster was out there with her team Athena, but wasn’t playing, so she took notes on all the scores, and here you go.  Bustacap!

RecapBusterThis was the game of hammers and Claw! So many hammers and Claw was unstoppable! For most of the game, both teams would trade off points, then one team would pull ahead, the other would catch up, and then start that pattern all over again! Here is the play by play:

James hammered to Z 1- 0 Athena

Avatar to T-Tom 1-1

Chicago to Craig 1-2 Artemis

Cubby hammered to Felix 1-3 Artemis

Ace to Kevin 2-3

Felix to Avatar 2-4

Kodomo To Claw 3-4

Weyers to Butters 4-4

Snacks hucked to Claw 5-4 Athena

Snatch to Felix 5-5

Cedar to Jo 5-6 Artemis

Felix to Chin 5-7

James hammered to claw 6-7

Jeni hucked to Justine 7-7

Elmo to Avatar 7-8 Artemis

That’s half. It was a very back and forth game in the first half. In the second half, Artemis took an early lead, but after a timeout call from Athena, Erick gave a very inspirational talk and Athena came back with vengeance!

Erick to Justine 8-8

Cedar to Chin 8-9 Artemis

Artemis threw zone, Cubby to Snatch with a nice layout 8-10

Chin to Felix 8-11 Artemis

Jeni hucked to Claw 9-11

James hammered to Johnny 10-11

Snacks to Claw 11-11

Avatar to Jairo 11-12 Artemis

Kodomo to Claw 12-12

Z to Erick 13-12 Athena

James hucked to Claw 14-12

Johnny to Kevin 15-12 Athena

Athena pulled it out in the end with 7 of the last 8 points being scored by Athena, hammers, and Claw! Great game Artemis!

Athena used stall power in first half but Artemis scored

Artemis did not use their hat D power

Hat powers weren’t used in the other game either.  It’s interesting.  The ten powers I picked this year were the ones voted on the most by you guys in the pre-season poll I put out.  And Hat D’s was one of the bigger vote getters.  But this week it hasn’t gotten a ton of love.

I’ve got another recap for you from 2106 Recapper of the Year Joanna Whitney of Artemis.  It’s a little like saying Academy Award Winner Gwynneth Paltrow.  Like you always have to put the words Academy Award Winner in front of her name in the trailer, so you know this is gonna be a good movie.

RecapJoannaGame two of the week.  Never the easiest thing to do.  Probably only slightly easier than having a week and a half in between games.

On Wednesday I saw the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie and I feel like the way I would write a review of that movie is how I would write a review of this game.  A fun adventure with lots of plot holes and some guest stars.  Plot holes like: why didn’t we throw breakside more?  Why were our hands so slippery?  If we can play so incredible on defense, where was that intensity on offense?  And honestly, why didn’t we throw more hammers?

Last night started out real strong.  3-1 strong.  Pretty typical for us thus far.  Then we let the British soldiers imprison us, again.  I won’t spoil anything for the movie, but let’s just say Pirates has a better ending than our game.

Our team is strong in a lot of ways.  I think most of my teammates don’t even realize their own strengths they bring, and I want so badly to unleash all the talent each of them has locked up inside of them.  And since Buster gave you a play by play, I want to take this time to tell you why I believe in my team and the potential I see in all of them because we’re going to come out strong at our next game.  This game Athena deserved the win with their calmness and overall better hands, but this game does not represent Artemis.  We’re one hell of a party, so our opponents are gonna need to try and keep up with us from here on out.

Fuse is fast and powerful and has better fundamentals than she wants to let herself admit.  Elmo is knowledgeable and brings her brains to every move she makes on the field. LJ knows the best angles to position herself to cut off throwing lanes and has sticky hands that our handlers can count on.  Avatar is quick and chilly with the disc and can get run through d’s whenever she wants.  Aimee knows how/when to swing and is a great dump to reset. Banshee can bust deep and be relied upon to come all the way back in without missing a beat.  T-tom has the athleticism to layout for anything you put even only semi near him, as well as the trust in his teammates to get things done.  Chicago is wily going from handler to cutter and back again appearing everywhere on the field wherever he is needed.  Chin brings a calmness to the field and knowledge of what to encourage/reward.  Snatch brings a versatility to play both handler and cutter as well as being the person we rely on to make any choice we make look like it was what we meant to do.  Cedar is also calm and knows what to reward, but with the daringness to take smart risks that make his teammates look good.  Felix can do anything you ask of him in an unassuming way that takes his defender by surprise.  Craig never stops running, he will be on his man every time and without a second thought transition from d to o and vice versa. Tiger is our mid that we rely on heavily to do all the things, like put it long, get his mark off balance, and be open wherever we need him.  Mark is a solid defender that doesn’t shy away from handwork on d.  He will be in a cup and get to his spot every time no matter how much the disc swings.  Jairo is quick and sticky (that’s what she said?) and is always a step in front of his defender ready to catch, dump, and do it again (also what she said?).  Cubby is audacious which means he trusts his receivers to do whatever craziness is necessary for the score.  He also knows where to fill in to stop any weakness that is showing.  Tim is a workhorse on d.  He’s got the intensity to shut down his defender then uses his knowledge on o to keep the disc moving and the field open.  Evan has speed and solid hands that let him flow seamlessly as a cutter we can consistently rely on.

My teammates are awesome, and they are only just getting started with their flow.  A game like last night’s is hard.  We beat ourselves at our own game, but it won’t happen again.  I blame Don.  It didn’t all start going down hill until he showed up and stole Jeni’s watermelon mint lemonade.  That’s a deadly combination.  Artemis is a fighter in the world of the gods, and I’m going to bring out that fight in my team.  Someone just tell me how on earth do I get T-Tom mad?  I swear it has to be possible somehow, I just haven’t seen it.

I played with him all last Summer League, and I never saw it either.  But then again, I hope I never did anything to make him mad.

First ever usage of the words “Why didn’t we throw more hammers?” on a team that has Cubby.

I read about all Joanna’s teammates, but what does Joanna bring to the table?

Don is always to blame.


Date Time League Season
June 30, 2017 12:00 am Summer League 2017


Rancho Cienega Recreation Center

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