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Dionysus vs Hera

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Punky was a sub player in this game, but both teams were missing their #1 pick, and there weren’t enough women in the sub pool willing to play to get both teams to 5 players each, so by rule Punky had to split time between both teams. That would mean one team would get her in the first half, and the other in the second half.  Before the game, I talked to Seth Gillum of Dionysus who was thinking up a fun game to play with Hera to decide who got Punky first.  I’m hoping that shows up in the recaps, cause I’m curious to find out how that was decided.  I was at the game, but I don’t remember seeing what happened.

We’ll start tonight with Hera’s side.  This is the adroit scribe Stephanie Hicks, responding to a complaint from a certain someone who said some questionable things about her last recap:

Laughter and wine fill the air as Dionysus and Hera take the field on a beautiful Thursday Night.
Unusually long stall count power is called immediately, but Hera gets the D and Brandon floats one in to Carissa.
Warden decides Hera will only play zone for defense, nothing is getting through the Isaac, Roman, Clint, cup: Brandon to Carissa again! [I smell MVPs]
Andrea drinks wine as her warm-up, then lays out in the end zone to score! Bandit: “Kwok you owe that woman two meals!”
Nothing gets past poachy deep-deep Brandon shutting down hucks left and right.
Gazelle-like Nahall & Stephanie Schaeffer score again and again, Dan shows up for his second game and is a speedy madman!
? What is happening!! Hera takes half 8-2.
Dionysus comes out of half fired up and works one through Hera’s zone easily to score.
Oh no! Dionysus throws a zone — but Hera’s handlers, led by Clint, Carissa and Leland, stay chilly under pressure.
Unbelievably awesome man D point by Isaac, Johnson, Roman and Goh [or Dan?] to score.
Credit to awesome Captain Seth for exemplifying the utmost of ultimate spirit as collisions are handled with the utmost of spirit of the game.
Hustling Dionysus-partiers work a few in; shout out to Evan, Gabe, Bryce, Jordan, Bubbles, Mer and Punky! [Sorry I don’t know more people!]
Everyone on the sidelines is channeling the spirit of Dionysus and getting nice and tipsy in preparation for the bar…when… wait…
? Did Hera just win her first game 15-7???


Ouch.  Burn.

Congrats on Hera getting their first win of the season.  Their zone was pretty devastating.  I have a poll from Licious ready to go next week, but a poll about zone in Summer League could be the next one.

Short recap today by Seth:

RecapSethIt’s always nice to see another team get its first win.  But it’s nice in the abstract, like it’s nice to see someone buy a house – but that doesn’t mean you want to give them your house.  Last night, we gave them (or more appropriately they earned) the house.

Hera played a great game.  Dionysus will have to drink up over the 4th of July break to regain our godly powers, bring sangria to the next game, and once rejuvenated can sit atop mount Olympus again.

Nobody mentioned Dionysus’ power use.  I was there, and I vaguely remember them using the stall power in the first half, and that it didn’t work.  There’s an 80% I’m right statistically speaking.  Hera was up by a lot and so they decided not to use the Hat D power.

Also, Punky ended up spending the entire game on Dionysus, also because of the score.  Good spirit by Hera.  But sadly, no word on how it was decided she’d start on Dionysus.


Date Time Competition Season
June 29, 2017 8:00 pm Summer League 2017


Team1st Half2nd HalfFinal ScorePower SuccessPower FailPower Unused

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  1. Interestingly enough, Dionysus used the stall power on the first
    Point when they were on offense! Well before the lines even put hands up. My guess was to prevent us from using it although we weren’t planning to right off the bat.

    We rojamboed for the pull and everything! And Hera (I) won.

    As for Punky, considering our winless record and Seth’s quality team. We thought we’d rather have her in the second half than the first, and elected to give her to them to start the game. Needless to say we were a bit surprised by our own success.

    Even with Brandon in previous games, we’ve found ourselves in large halftime holes this season. Brandon really did find a prime-time initiating distributor role for us. From the handler or from initial cutting. It was fun seeing growth from him and all the rest of our team. This was certainly our best game. And yes, we were still strongly understaffed even with a Brandon.

  2. During the first half, one of our female players, B, went down with an injury and was out for the rest of the game. That’s why Punky stayed with Dionysus until the end.

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