Apollo vs Aphrodite


This is the best line I found about Aphrodite:


That’s my entire intro right there.  I only wish I could attribute that to a comedienne.  But I can’t find the origin of the quote.

And to give the recap for tonight, here’s Nick Manos of Aphrodite.  I don’t know if he would lie naked in a clam shell, but that’s a good question to ask him at the Toga Tournament Party.

RecapManosApollo, god of the sun and music met with Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty on a cool and breezy night at Rancho Cienega. Immediately, Apollo rushed ahead of a sluggish Aphrodite team, no doubt fueled not just by quick Ds followed by punishing strike cuts, but by their four-horsed chariot, usually tasked with pulling the sun across the sky, but today doing double duty carrying the disc into their teammates’ waiting hands. Aphrodite, not wanting to be left behind, tried to launch some deep shots, but Apollo was ready and shot them down with their silver bow. On the few chances that Apollo had to play a true O-line, they masterfully carved up Aphrodite’s defense with quick handler movement and patient, steady movement down field. After a brief time out at 7-3, Aphrodite scraped into halftime down 8-5.

This was truly a game of two halves however, as it quickly became apparent that the sun had set on Apollo. A halftime adjustment had Aphrodite throwing a zone defense at Apollo, and Apollo seemingly had no answer. Aphrodite rattled off three quick break points to tie the game at 8. Riding the momentum, Aphrodite settled into a much more patient and consistent offensive strategy, opting for more swings and breaks and fewer 50-50 hucks against Apollo’s speedy defenders. The rest of the game was back and forth, with neither team ever going up by more than one point. The zone defense continued to counter Apollo’s speed and cunning cuts, with Aphrodite even switching to a two-man cup for a few points. However, Apollo would not be denied, generating their own Ds with speed, running through in-cuts and chasing down hucks. With the score at 14-13, Aphrodite had still not used a superpower. Apollo had used the Promethus power to steal Lou Wang for a point earlier in the game, so Aphrodite called Aura into action to hopefully generate a hat-D for the final turn needed to win the game. After a perfect pull to the sideline, the cup set around the handler. As he turned to swing to his dump, hats rained down upon him, as the Aphrodite cup channeled the power of Aura, apparent goddess of hats. Alas, it was all for naught as the pivot was just a fake! A ruse! Having tricked the hat-wielding defenders into giving up their hats, he swung to a teammate. It did not take long however for the staunch and sturdy cup to force a floaty pass downfield, where Ken Billington, the maddest hatter of them all, leaped and smacked the disc down with a hat borrowed from an eager spectator. That would be all the defense Aphrodite would need, as they punched the disc into the endzone for the score, and their first win of the season.

Aphrodite 15, Apollo 13

Great comeback, highlighted by excellent use of the power on the final point, even if duked by the initial handler fake.

And a great first win for Aphrodite, leaving Hephaestus as the only winless team on the season.

And here’s a point by point account from Brian Kuhn of Apollo:

RecapBrianKAphrodite receives the opening pull, but turns it = 1-0 Apollo — Aegis to Bounty.

Dylan to Kwok 2-0

Tait to Sam 3-0

Eric to Stephanie 3-1

Natty to Dylan 4-1

Ken to Nick 4-2

Orbit to X 5-2

Ken to Brian M. 5-3

Apollo invites Lu Wang from Zeus/Gold to play a point… Though Lu didn’t get the score or the assist, he played his usual brilliant flow-game to ensure Apollo earned the score. Thanks, Lu! …Kwok to Joel = 6-3.

X to Dylan 7-3

Kirkham to Devin 7-4

Ken to Magma 7-5

X to Shard 8-5


Aphrodite clamps a lockdown zone-D for the next few points = stuff & score, repeat, repeat & repeat once more. Ouch!

Ken to Tidal 8-6

Kirkham to Ken 8-7

Devin to Magma 8-8

Drew to Shard 9-8 Apollo

Aegis to Shard 10-8

Kirkham to Claire 10-9

Ken to Monos 10-10

Kwok to Sam 11-10 Apollo

Brian M. to Magma 11-11

Ken to Magma 12-11 Aphrodite

Kirkham to Erin 13-11

Liverpool to Sam 13-12

Kwok to Natty 13-13

Brian M. to Stephanie 14-13 Aphrodite

Aphrodite uses its hat-power (and its lock-down zone) to hat-attack a hammer. And the hat-power works… Aphrodite converts – Ken to Erin for the win… 15-13.

Zones have become the equalizer this year.  Last week Hera used the zone to pull off their first win of the season.  And here Aphrodite went to it as well.  There’s been almost no wind in games this summer, but a zone can still be pretty effective in Summer League.


Date Time League Season
July 7, 2017 12:00 am Summer League 2017


Rancho Cienega Recreation Center

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