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We’re at the point in the season, over halfway, when you begin to look and see if maybe any Summer League records will fall.  And when I say “you”, I mean “me”.  Pronouns.  They’re tricky.

The record for the fewest wins following a Championship season for a captain is 1.  The dubious honor goes to Kevin “bsaus” Balas who won as a first time captain along with Jessica “Dirty” Felleman on 2010’s Pretty in Pink when they went 10-1 in the Co-ed division and knocked off undefeated Dexy’s Midnight Runners in a thrilling finals.  He and Dirty were separated as captains the following season and both of them went on to surprising last place finishes.  Dirty went 2-9 with Indigo Girls in Co-ed, and then never captained again.  But bsaus’ season was even worse, finishing 1-10 with Red Bull in Men’s to establish the record.  In fact, his next two seasons weren’t much better as he went 2-7-1 in 2012 and 1-7-1 in his return to Co-ed in 2013.  But he did get back to prominence with the 8-2 Green Door in 2014, finishing in second place.

Last year Ben Potash and Lance Larson were on pace to tie the record until late in the season when they got their second win.  They took Midnight Toker in Men’s to a 9-3 record in 2015 and won in the 105 degree weather in Pomona.  But followed that up with a rough season with Copycat.  They stood at 1-7-1 going into their August 12 game against 3-6 Odd Job, but were able to sneak out the 15-13 victory and escape the record books.  (Well, that’s not entirely true.  They did tie the record for worst finish following a championship win by ending in last place.)

This year, Ethan Lacoe, Ulises Castellanos and Kate Ashton are also teetering on the edge of tying bsaus’ record.  After their exciting win in finals last year with Dark Phoenix, they are coming into this game at 1-3.  I know it’s only four games into the season, but it’s still worth noting.  So let’s see how the game went.  Here’s Ethan:

RecapEthanZeus used the “steal a player” power on the first point and converted Andy Dunn to their side. After a few turnovers by both teams, Zeus eventually scored, taking a 1-0 lead. Uranus responded by scoring 4 straight. We played really good defense and everyone seemed to be relaxed and having fun. Uranus took half 8-3.

In the second half, Uranus continued to play hard, extending the lead to 10-3. Zeus responded with a mini run of their own, bringing it back to 10-5. At 13-5, Uranus used the hat power. Although nobody used a hat to get a D, we did end up scoring the point, which I guess makes it a success. Uranus took the game 15-6.

After a few somewhat contentious games involving some low integrity moments, it was nice to finally play a game where both teams played fair and had a mutual respect for each other. In my opinion, the correct decision was made every time a call was made (and there were very few calls which was nice). On the few occasions there was a potential disagreement, it was always discussed respectfully and an agreement was made. Even though Zeus had an off night and were down the majority of the game, they never got angry. They continued playing hard and with integrity until the end. I credit Don. He’s an extremely genuine, good natured guy, and a very good leader.

I’d like to give a quick shout out to Erin Dean for bringing a scoreboard. She even took the time to paste both teams names on it. John and Mike both had breakout games last night. Honey Badger has been a pillar of consistency handling for us this season. Tracy always does everything well, so it’s surprising she doesn’t get more attention from the other teams’ defenders. We have relied heavily on Maggie and Andy this season, and it was nice to see everyone playing so well that we could take that weight off their shoulders.

We also got our jerseys last night. A lot of my team thinks there is some symbolism in our team’s logo. I guess Spike is the only one that knows for sure. The rest of us can only speculate…


Uranus was the God of the sun and the sky.  So I wasn’t completely sure if this was the sun appearing behind two clouds, or rising over two valleys.  Either way, it’s perfect.

So Ethan, US and Kate avoid tying the record.  Good thing they won this week, cause it’s going to be a hard second half of the season.  Three of their final four opponents have winning records, including 1st place Hestia and 3rd place Poseidon.

And now, here’s the previously mentioned Don from Zeus:

RecapDonHey All!

LAST night’s recap:

I’ve been told that readers want drama and more Lu so here goes.

I can quickly summarize last night as… “we got beat”, 6-15 to be exact. They capitalized on our poorly run offense by playing great defense and answering with amazing offense. This will drastically drop us in the power rankings and since Lu was in attendance he will probably take most of the blame when Alex Carey writes them up, I love scapegoats. We used our power to start the game and stole Andy Dunn and they used their hat power late and both attempts were successful.

I would like to throw some massive shade on:
-Kchu for excessive smiling. Dumb.
-Hoover for making the choice to be short. Dumb.
-Andy Dunn for having the bust size of a Swedish Yodeler. Dumb.
-Kate not even showing up so I can make fun of her. Dumb.
-On the color Yellow because it’s nauseatingly bright. Dumb.
-Kwok for shaving his chest. Dumb.
-Lish’s Forehand. Dumb.
68VDulh - Imgur
-All of Uranus’ high school kids for being delinquents. Dumb.
-Creamer for trying to spread Japanese culture to the other team. Dumb.
-Helena for not having her name phonetically spelled out and posted everywhere. Dumb.
-Cable for showing up to one game this season. Dumb.
-Lance for being Lance. Dumb.
-For EVERYONE that wasn’t at Spider-Man Homecoming with us. Dumb.
-Brian Kuhn for setting up all the fields…. That was actually super nice of him. Thanks Brian!

Now enjoy this compilation of Lu pictures.

Come at me…


Um….. yeah.

Not really sure what to say.  I was blinded by the Lu.


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July 7, 2017 12:00 am Summer League 2017


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