Zeus vs Demeter


Don’t forget to check out Alex Carey’s mid-season power rankings here:


For the second straight year, Alex gives his own team the best odds to win the tournament.  Gotta love people who do rankings.  Last year David Reed ranked the Villain logos.  Guess which team he gave the #1 spot to?

Last night’s games have not been included in the Power Rankings.  So let’s see what happened between the 10th and 12th ranked teams.  Here’s Don Macatangay of Zeus:

RecapDonSince our last game we were looking to redeem ourselves. But this one starts off rough too.

giphy (1)
Fun Fact: Indiana University (Ed Wu) and Illinois State University (Jeff Afryl and Don Macatangay) almost got into a fight during the Great Lakes Sectionals in 2010. Ed Wu, I hate that guy and someone needs to dye his hawk back to red; It’s blond right now and he looks ridiculous. Seriously though, the guy is a cool dude just look at that hair!

Well anyway… this night Zeus practically had their full squad but Demeter was close to savage. Demeter called their power right off the bat on “O” and got an instant break on us 0-2. Demeter would continue to bring on the heat and take us 4-8 for half.

This was the making of another blowout but we continued to try to pump our team up but right out of half Demeter continued to put on the heat 4-10. Unfortunately Warren from Demeter goes down with an injury for the rest of the game but hopefully it’s not TOO serious of an injury.

Once we decided to start running zone and change up our offense it was a turning point in the game.

tenor-1 (1)
We go on a 11-2 run to end the game with a final score of 15-12. We were hyped up, Lu went insane, our caltech kids were running their asses off, we were up on the sidelines helping our team on the field, and Cable decided to show up (only 50% of a dumb dumb now). We were a different team in the second half but if Demeter had legs we probably wouldn’t be telling the same story.

I’m very proud of this team though, let’s keep rolling!

Also just in case you thought there wouldn’t be a Lu in this recap:
giphy (2)

There have been a bunch of comebacks this year.  Okay, this is really hard to type while Lu’s mouth is constantly opening on my screen.  Next time I’m gonna type AND THEN add the gifs.  Lesson learned.

Anyone know if Zeus used the power of Prometheus to bring someone onto their team for a point?  And if the point was a success?


Date Time League Season
July 11, 2017 12:00 am Summer League 2017


Culver City High School

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