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I tried really hard to keep teams from playing any games on back-to-back days, but this was the one time on the schedule that it was almost impossible not to do.  Cause when making the schedule, you gotta factor in the number of games each team is playing on each day of the week and how many games each team is playing at each venue, and that means you have to make some exceptions here and there.  So Apollo and Demeter would have to play back-to-back days Monday and last night.

I do not have many stats on teams playing back-to-back days in Summer League history, because it’s almost never happened.  I’m gonna guess that if it did happen more regularly though, the second day stats would probably be ugly.  And it didn’t help that Apollo and Demeter were playing two of the stronger teams in the league last night, in Poseidon and Artemis.

Adding to the intrigue of the night, this was Poseidon’s first game after Alex placed them #1 on his Mid-Season Power Rankings with the best chance to win the tournament, putting a lot of pressure on himself.  (Although he thrives on pressure.)

Here’s Apollo’s Liverpool with the recap of the game.

RecapDanielHApollo was hungry for a win after several close losses. And wouldn’t it be great to stick it to the guy who made the Power Rankings on they day they were released? *wink*.

For most of the game, Apollo and Poseidon remained pretty on par with each other, score-, intensity- and talent-wise. The game was 1-1, then 4-4. Then Poseidon pulled out the oft-successful Zone D and managed to take away some momentum to half at 8-4 Poseidon.

Coming right out of half, Poseidon used the point power right away since they were receiving the disc. Apollo decided that “Andy had a pretty good idea yesterday” and pulled Alex off their team for this point (though there was some debate about whether it should have been Remy or Spike that got pulled off, but the 7-on wanted Alex). I guess these two-pointer points get extra-anxious because, just like Monday night, there were a few more turnovers on this point than average for the game by this time. In the end, Poseidon scored, which meant our power failed concurrently. Poseidon gets a two-point bump to their already nice half-time lead, now at 10-4. That’s a tough hole to climb out of.

But climb we did, as we really amped up our deep game and managed to bring it to 12-10 Poseidon. Kwok, Kalicki, Dylan, Tait, Sam, and our new permanent-sub Lisa all kicking ass. Xavier and Orbit with some great D’s, Natti (e.g. Titan, apparently) growing into his cutter position nicely. I could feel the tension dripping… could we actually end up sticking it to them? Yes, yes we damn well could.

But, if this game could be broken down into the stages of a magic trick (the pledge being that we will beat the “#1 seed” and the turn being that we brought it up 12-10), then this was surely the prestige, as Poseidon really pulled a rabbit out of the hat and just shut us down at this point. They ran another solid Zone D, and on O they seemed to work it up the line every time. Apollo had a lot of really amazing D’s that pulled through for us, but unfortunately just could not capitalize into enough scores. The game ends with 15-12, Poseidon.

Well, at the very least, hopefully Alex learned something about my draft picks. I told Remy – as well as a few of my own guys – after the game: 85% of my draft picks were 100% intentional. I went out of my way to get some of these guys that I believe flew under the general LAOUT radar, but I knew from experience are great players. And I could not be more pleased with this team at this stage. Sure, to be fair to Alex’s point, we do not have a winning record, but damn if these last few weeks have not been some of the best Summer League games I have been a part of, and hopefully the other teams can attest we have put up a hell of a fight. A-P-O!

Disclaimer: After re-reading this, I want to be clear that I’m in no way upset about anything anyone said about our team, I’m just picking on Alex and using this opportunity to share my thought process.

Wow.  I am shocked.  SHOCKED!  That Apollo did not grab the two-point power first near the end of the first half.  At 6-4 or 7-4, and clearly starting on offense on both points, that would’ve been the time I would’ve expected it.  Imagine Apollo stacks the line on 7-4 and calls 2-pointer.  Even if Poseidon pulls an Apollo player off the line, it’s possible the added importance of the point could’ve changed the fate of Apollo for the game.  Say they scored to make it 7-6 and now Poseidon can’t use it.  In some of the games, you could definitely say the Powers didn’t have much of an effect on the final score.  But I’m gonna say this game the 2-point power could’ve swung the result.

Let’s see what Spike had to say about the game from Poseidon’s side:

RecapSpikeThe creature of the deep this week is the StingRay!

Image (1)

Very cute.  Note the extra wiggle coming off the stinger as he moves.  Like he’s wagging it like a dog.  Adorbs.

Alex breathes a sigh of relief.  Still sitting in the top 3 record wise.

And finally, here’s the score by score breakdown from Brian Kuhn.  Is anyone keeping track of season stats on Apollo?

Here’s the scorecap for Poseidon v Apollo…

Poseidon pulls to Apollo, but Apollo turns it. Poseidon gets the stuff & score, Spike to Remy… 1-0 Poseidon

RecapBrianKKwok to Sam 1-1

Spike to Remy 2-1 Poseidon

Alex to Brian King 3-1

X to Char 3-2

Alex to Remy 4-2

Andrew “The Vegan Cannibal” Kalicki to Tait 4-3

X to Sam 4-4

Alex to Jake 5-4 Poseidon

Spike to Jake 6-4

Shaun to SeaBass 7-4

Jason to Spike 8-4


Before Apollo pulls, Poseidon calls the ‘power of two’. Apollo subsequently calls upon the power to add or subtract a player, and kicks Alex Carey off of the line. Despite the departure of ‘The Artist Formerly Known As X-Factor’, Poseidon gets the job done… Spike to Sarah 9-4 + 1 more for the power of two = 10-4.

Kwok to Tait 10-5

Shaun to Jake 11-5

Andrew “The Master Of Plastic” Kalicki to Char 11-6

Andrew “Eleven Inches” Kalicki to ???  11-7

Kwok to X 11-8

Dylan to Joel 11-9

Kwok to Lisa 11-10

Alex to SeaBass 12-10

Kwok to Andrew “Midnight BootyCall” Kalicki 12-11

Belinda to Remy 13-11

Spike to Remy 14-11

Kwok to Joel 14-12

Spike to Jake 15-12

There’s a player on Apollo whose nickname is “???”  That’s cool.  What’s the origin of that?


Date Time League Season
July 12, 2017 12:00 am Summer League 2017


Rancho Cienega Recreation Center

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