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Athena vs Hades

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The second to last game at Culver High was last night.  And as we have one game remaining there, next Wednesday the 26th, when everyone has to come out to Joxer’s for karaoke, it was a surprise to find out that for our last game, they’re pushing us onto a darker field.  The game between Chronos and Apollo will be moved to the lacrosse field which is just past the football field we’re used to playing on.  Over there, they only have temporary low lights that the lacrosse players have been using, but they’re complaining that it’s too dark to see the ball, thus making it unsafe.  And the athletic department got together to discuss what to do, and decided that it’s easier to see a Frisbee than a lacrosse ball, and thus we have to move to the darker field.

Ultimate always getting f’d over by other sports.  Usually it’s soccer or softball.  But this time we can add lacrosse to the list of nemesises.  Nemisi?  Nemeses?  Okay, that must be it.  It’s not spell check correcting.

Fortunately, they didn’t move us last night, so Athena got to play Hades under perfect lighting conditions.  Here’s Joy Park-Thomas of Hades:

RecapJoyThe breeze was blowing just enough in Culver City to make Hades want to throw downwind the first point, which we chose on winning the flip. Athena immediately chose offense and called their 2 pointer power, which was fine with us, because Hades called the throw-with-your-off-hand power. So not only did that force Athena to throw upwind with their off hand, but we also clamped on a zone. In the battle of powers, Ankhiale ruled the day, and Hades took the first point.

It looked like it was going to be a point-for-point kind of evening, with Athena’s Claw and Snacks getting every other, while Buster and Jeni kept the lefty mojo going up line. We tried to contain that by forcing backhand, which worked fairly well, but then Athena pulled ahead to take the half 8-6.

While Hades ladies Ivana, Megan, and Nay worked the handler resets with JP, we had a few misfires in the red zone that Athena capitalized on, widening the gap. Late in the second half, Athena on D got the turn, and Claw put it long to Jeni. It looked too far for her to catch up with, but as it was upwind, it floated just enough for Jeni to lay out for the catch and close out the game 9-15.

The long and short of it is Athena, the goddess of wisdom, outsmarted death this evening, which did not become us. The underworld looks forward to a rematch in the tourney when we’ll have Fish, Annie, Armand, and Mike around to show that no one cheats death in the end…mwahahaha.

Hades opened up their season 5-0 but now two straight losses has them going the wrong way with upcoming games against 4-2 Ares and 4-2 Artemis.

Also, the Metis two-point power has similarly gone South.  It started with a 7-0 record last week, but now has failed four straight times.  Teams have been directly combatting the two-point power with the other power and it’s been working.  I figured that would happen a lot this week.  Power on power makes a lot of sense with these two.  Teams will have to do some major strategizing (wow, spell check does not like combatting OR strategizing) on whether they want to call the two-point power knowing it’ll probably be immediately challenged with the offhand power.

And now, here’s Erick Cifuentes from Athena’s side:

RecapErickJuly 13, 9 PM (in an email)

Hey guys! Our game next week is at Culver High again. Let’s all plan on going to the bar afters. Deal? Deal!!!

July 15, 3 PM (on the couch)

Hmm, only 3 games left in the season. It’s gone by so fast. I hope the whole team shows up to the bar next game!

July 17, 5 PM (on the toilet)

Ugh, work sucks. Is this day ever gonna end? Well at least I have the game and bar hang afters to look forward to tonight!

July 17, 10:15 PM (high-fiving)

Hell yeah Athena! Great win!! Drinks on me at the bar!!!

July 17, 10:17 PM (taking cleats off)

Hey Claw! See you at Joxer’s? What about you Luigi? I’ll buy you a beer! Buster? Snacks? Hey Ace! Come for just one drink! Pleeeease?

July 17, 10:23 PM (walking to car)

Hmm… people didn’t seem that into it. Oh well, maybe Nay and Reed, or Joy and Chris from the other team will show up!

July 17, 10:37 PM (alone. Peaches & Herb’s “Reunited” playing on the jukebox)


July 17, 10:47 PM (typing out an email)

July 13, 9 PM…

Oh, that is a sad and lonely photo.  What is up people?  This is shocking and I am giving a frowny face.  FrownyFace  See.

This is a good time to mention one of my most important Summer League draft strategies: Bar attendance

It probably needs to be a question on the registration form.  Drafting a strong post-game bar team is like the oxygen in my blood.  Well, it’s probably the alcohol-level in my blood.  By about round 6 or 7, I’m already looking at players not based on how good they are, but how likely are they to join me for a drink.  And actually, I’ve been known to draft several 1st rounders that way, to be totally honest.  This should partly explain why in 11 seasons of captaining, I’ve only had a winning record 5 times, and why I’ve lost the third-most games of any captain in Summer League history, and why I’ve never even made it to finals, whether captaining or not.

But damnit if I don’t always know my peeps are gonna make it out afterwards to commiserate together over a tall frosty beverage of bliss.  Good times.


Date Time Competition Season
July 17, 2017 8:00 pm Summer League 2017


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  1. damn, crucial power ranking opportunity, bar attendance. gotta factor that in next time.

  2. Hilarious and sad recap by Erick. I love it.

  3. Erick Cifuentes, hands down best recap (and stash) of the year.

  4. This is how I think the question will be listed on next year’s registration:

    Will you go to the bar after games?

    1) Definitely
    2) Likely
    3) Depends on which night
    4) Depends on the team I’m on
    5) Would love to, but work/school/life makes it hard
    6) Not my thing

  5. Erick, bar next week for sure!!

  6. id like to submit that Poseidon is also the number 1 bar team.

  7. Alex have your captains EVER gone to the bar?? I’d definitely put Seth, Joy & Chris, Nate, Clint & I, Julia & Klepto, Joanna, Cifuentes above Poseidon… just to name a few.

  8. I generally find lacrosse to be a pretty lame sport, but they have a point. The ball moves much quicker and is considerably harder, therefor more dangerous in low light than ultimate by kind of a long shot

  9. my captains have gone to the bar 3 times. my team(poseidon(not just captains) has won the bar every single game, including 2 bars in 1 night. We then proceed to sit outside of the dirty shop and talk till 3am.

  10. I think the only way to find out which team truly wins the bar is to have a Toga Party Friday and see how many people from each team show up

  11. Jean Frazier: you throwing the party at your place?!

  12. What does one define as winning the bar? Overall team bonding, ie. attendance/drinking/karaoke participation, including people on crutches. Or the participation of a few people who don’t have to work in the morning. I think this might be the beginnings of next week’s poll. That being said, I am in awe of your bar attendance this summer Alex.

  13. there are several metrics, ill rerun the algorythm to see if we can get a groovier answer.

  14. Just saying, I’ve had work the next day every week and still manage to make it to the bar. (That’s just me bragging about actually having a job this year – not always the case).

  15. In the same vein as jo, I’ve often wondered about this… what percentage of folks that go to the bar have to be up at the ungodly hours of 5am the next day for their professional careers? That is one thing that prevents me from going more than I have.

  16. liverpool, i talk a big game but have very little to back it up, if i had to get up at 5 am id leave straight from the fields and go right to sleep. im just talking shit cause i enjoy it. most of what i say might come off as inflammatory, but its generally meant as one long joke that really only i get.

  17. Joanna and I definitely represent but besides cubby, our team has had low numbers for winning the bar. Yeah I’m looking at you chi!

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