Demeter vs Aphrodite


There’s actually a book on Aphrodite and Demeter.  And here it is.


Written in 1983 by Doris Gates, who wrote several books about the Gods, but this was the only one that featured two Gods.  Most just showed one.

Here’s Eric Kirkham of Aphrodite with the recap of their game:

RecapKirkhamOn a moist Tuesday night two teams met on the plains of battle off Rodeo Rd. (not Dr.). GREEN (Demeter) faced off against RED (Aphrodite) in a match that would prove to be a tale of two halves. On the first point of the game Demeter invoked the power of Metis to double their scoring potential. Aphrodite quickly responded by invoking the power of Ankhiale thus rendering Demeter’s offhand throws feckless, weak, and downright strange. Hamstrung as they were, Demeter flailed their way into the endzone for a two-pointer after a particularly mistake-ridden and outright lackluster defensive and offensive point from Aphrodite. Chuck TheForte, always the seer, during the point proffered this wisdom: “Guys, maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to let them score and save energy since we’re so short on numbers”. It was true. Aphrodite came with a full complement of guys, girls, and love. Demeter, while feisty, had precious few subs to supplement their otherwise fertile attack. Their energy held in the first half which they took 8-6. But in the second half Aphrodite started to turn the screws. RED scored on 3 consecutive points coming out of the break (?) to take the lead and never looked back (figuratively). Ed Wu summoned every bit of his cunning and wit to move the disc around the field. That lefty dude with the big throws threw…big throws that connected more often than not with the Demeter women who gamboled and galavanted all over the pitch. But Aphrodite’s will to win for just the second time this season prevailed and love reigned supreme. At the conclusion of a very competitive yet spirited affair, Aphrodite won 15-12.

This is not really that surprising.  Coming into the game, the team with the greatest first half to second half point spread is Demeter.  They entered the game with a +8 in the first half, and -9 in the second, a spread of 17.  Next is Hades at 13.  And after this game, Demeter is now at a stunning 24.

The team with the best second half to first half spread is Zeus at 21 (-12 in the first half, +9 in the second) but Aphrodite came into the game as the third highest in the league at 10.  And now, after last night they’re at 17, and in second place in that category.


Date Time League Season
July 19, 2017 12:00 am Summer League 2017


Rancho Cienega Recreation Center

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