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Most interesting headline I found when looking up Ares and Apollo:

Apollo Said to Be in Talks to Sell Chuck E. Cheese Chain to Ares

Yeah.  That’s right.  Apollo Global Management LLC, a 27 year old asset management company who owns Chuck E. Cheese, is in talks with Ares Management LP, a 20 year old investment firm.  Not surprisingly, both companies were founded by the same guy, Tony Ressler, who also owns the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks.  Ressler is married to actress Jami Gertz.

This is a photo of Ressler and Gertz.  They live here in LA.  I really should’ve hit them up for some league sponsorship money.  I think he’d get a kick out of this league.  Clearly he’s into Greek Gods, and he clearly likes sports.

HOLLYWOOD, CA - JUNE 06: Co-Founder of Ares Management LLC Tony Ressler and actress Jami Gertz arrive at the USC Shoah Foundation Institute Ambassadors for Humanity Gala held at the Grand Ballroom at Hollywood & Highland Center on June 6, 2012 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Alexandra Wyman/Getty Images)

And with that, let’s get to the game.  Here’s Liverpool of Apollo:

RecapDanielHApollo has had such good games against the top seeds of the league in this last half of the season, we were hopeful tonight could be the night for an upset. And we always seem to perform better when we have a smaller squad. I like it because people get more play time, get to gel a little better, and no one gets to hide, so to speak. For example Aegis really stood out last night as a clutch drop-in dump or for the smooth 10-yard forward gains up the middle, especially in the second half.

Apollo started the game in the lead. Unfortunately we did not have the tabulated scoresheet that we usually have, so I don’t know the exact numbers or who made the catches and assists, but I do know that we got a decent lead in the very beginning, perhaps 4-1 at one point? Ares does have some dope players with a lot of skill and speed though, and our vert stack started having some fundamental issues in part due to their stellar defense, so Ares eventually brought it to half at 8-6 them.

Now, before the game (and a little bit during), Apollo had a lengthy discussion about the tactics of using the powers this week. Obviously whoever called the point power was going to get the offhand power thrown right at them. So someone brought up the idea of using the offhand power right away, to take that possibility away, but we agreed that the problem with that is it gives the other team an un-challenged two-point power (vis a vis another power I mean). In the end, we decided to wait and maybe not call any power, playing a sort of game of chicken with Ares. Like, who is going to be brave enough to call the two-point power first, and face the wrath of the offhand power? It would be fine by us if the two-point power was not called at all during the match, UNLESS we had such a sizable lead that we could take the risk.

Well, after half Apollo scored the receiving pull to bring it to 8-7, after which Ares decided to use the two-point power. So, in case it’s not glaringly obvious from the previous paragraph, Apollo called the offhand power on them for that same point. Was it just me, or were they surprised that we did that? Even if they weren’t surprised, I feel like I saw some oh shit’s. Anyway, Ares did really well with the offhand power, we have to give them a lot of respect for that. As you might expect, for the most part they kept it short and swung it or even lofted it over our marks. But then, the big guy on their team, Lance, even did an offhand backhand huck, which also came off quite well. Respect. Unfortunately for them it did not connect, and so it was a turn. In the end, Apollo got the score, so the two-point power failed and the offhand power succeeded, now tied at 8-8.

Around this time one of our power players, Kwok, had to leave to catch a flight. Hopefully he got to shower at the Alliance Club or Sky Club or whatever. We continued to struggle a little bit with vert (it was almost as if we had too many handlers on the field… we need cutters on just like we need handlers on). Eventually we switched it up to Ho since that is what we were doing anyway. This definitely helped us move much better, and it helps that we are a fast team anyway.

It was getting on 10:10pm and we managed to tie it up, 14-14. This is it, we were prepping for a hard battle to the finish.
In the end, Apollo managed to get it to 15-14 Apollo, and as we were getting seven on for the next point, all the lights go out. Game. As disappointing as it is to not get to finish the game properly, it doesn’t change the fact that it was a very hard-fought match to get to this point. We’ll take it.

There were a few contentious – some questionable – calls made, but hopefully everyone walked away feeling that was a fun game full of sportsmanship and talent. Thank you Ares!

Personal highlight of the game: Lance from Ares hucking it to to their endzone and when it didn’t connect, he yells “FUCK!”, and Jacob on the Apollo sideline says “fuck called,” like it was any other foul call. Provided a sensible chuckle, thanks Jake.

It feels like there’s been a lot of games where second half comebacks occur.  I was really curious about this, and since I expect Dan Perahya will read this and he loves stats, I went through all the Summer League and Winter League games that I have first and second half stats on.  We started keeping track of this last Summer League when the site moved over to Sportspress.

And here’s the results.  For the purposes of this, it’s considered a fail if you led in the first half and you either lost or the game ended in a tie (which only happened a few times.)  This includes last night’s Apollo / Ares game, but not any of the other games last night.  I don’t have result from those at the time I’m doing this.

When Leading Won Failed Success Rate
8-7 18 17 51%
8-6 39 8 83%
8-5 25 6 81%
8-4 27 1 96%
8-3 22 0 100%
8-2 13 0 100%
8-1 11 0 100%
8-0 2 0 100%

This is pretty interesting to me.  So leading 8-7 doesn’t mean much.  You have about a 50/50 chance of still winning the game.  But once you get to an 8-6 halftime lead, the likelihood of winning jumps considerably.  This supports my assertion that it’s much better to receive the disc first on the opening pull, which is why I almost exclusively call offense after the flip, even though it’s so popular to call defense.  Now, granted, there’s other factors to take into account, like wind for example.  But by and large, I want to get to an 8-6 halftime lead, because if I can do that, my chances of winning are significantly higher.  And I have a better chance of getting there if I start the game on O.

I will also admit this is not a huge sample size of data.  But I don’t wanna wait another three to five years.


Date Time League Season
July 21, 2017 12:00 am Summer League 2017


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