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Before getting to the game, just wanted to open with results from last week’s Spiking poll and how they compared to the same exact poll I did seven years ago in 2010.  Cause it’s interesting.

Q.  How does LA feel about spiking?


So LA has gotten more middle of the road.  The numbers who think all spiking is okay have gone down, although minimally.  Only 7% supported this in 2010 and today it’s 3%.  The biggest change really is the decrease in the number of people who hate spiking.  From 44% in 2010 down to 29% this year.  And that difference is reflected in the same percentage change in the opposite direction for people who think it’s fine, so long as it’s not malicious.  Same number of people don’t care either way from seven years ago to today.

Okay, and now let’s get to last night’s game at JAMS in Santa Monica.  Here’s Kumbha from Hermes:

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my recap. We actually have a paragraph from a NEW RECAPPER here. @Andy maybe you want to add Maxs photo at the beginning too, and then I have been very clear what is his portion. In fact, his portion is going now.

No problem Kumbha.  Here’s Max Aalto:

RecapMaxOk hello everyone – this is Max, not that I expect any of you to know me. You might recall that last week Julia said she asked if anyone wanted to write the recap and that everyone declined, which is only partly true – I promised to write a paragraph or an introduction but completely forgot, so here it is now.

This was my last game of summer league as I’m off to travel and I’ll be honest, it wasn’t how I had hoped to go out. Not only did we get pulled off the field in the middle of a point when the score was 13-12, I also managed to perform what was possibly the worst bid of this summer and dislocate my shoulder on my second point (thanks Austin for the ice pack). Don’t get me wrong though – the game was great. Shoutout to Brandon for streaming half of it on Facebook, Julia for nailing all of her hammers, number 8 on the other team for burning all our guys deep, Noodle for bringing the air sofa again, the dude with the armguard for his two Ds after the pull, and everyone else for everything else that happened (I regret writing this because now I’ve probably offended everyone who did something good that I’ve left out – whatever). There was some drama tonight I think (as per usual) but I’ll let Kumbha cover that because she just has a way with words, you know? Also as per usual Hermes won the bar, with nobody from Demeter showing up except for their sub, whose name I cannot recall, sorry! Anyway – my first summer league experience was amazing, my expectations are probably way too high now, and I’m very sad to leave this team. Best of luck to everyone going forward and also sorry for writing this incoherent mess, not sure what was supposed to go in here and it’s 1:30 AM now and I’m going to sleep.

Welcome Max, and sorry to hear about the injury.  The sub was Ocho, who’s in town for a few days and subbed last night, will again tonight, and whether or not she subs Wednesday, she best be going to karaoke at Joxer’s.

Now, back to Kumbha:

RecapKumbhaGreat job Max! I am so proud. Unfortunately it is Maxs last game with us 🙁 But he will live on through our groupme. Speaking of our groupme.. we have added a new member, Sober’s girlfriend Ashley. We all <3 her and she has been a prime sideline for us. Last night she even kept score! Oh for Andys sake, we took half at 8-6 , and we won 12-11 (sorry Max to discount your score lol)

Okay, so lets see, my rhythm for these recaps is getting a bit off. I am also trying to decide if I should have an “opinion” column this time. The game didn’t end in the best of light, but it was super awkward when the blue polo very large homie who patrols the fields goes “Your time is up. Thank you.” and stood there until we left. Couldn’t even finish the point. Huge bummer for demeter since they had possession and could have tied the score.

Hmm. ACTUALLY. I have an idea. I am going to quote an objective person, lish.

Okay so here is what happened. a huck went up. Sober and Sully were both running towards where they thought the disc was. Misread on both their parts IMO. But anyway, a collision happens. Sully calls a foul. Sober goes off for an injury but then contests. Sully wants to talk it out, everyone else just wanted the disc to go back. Now, here are some choice quotes after the foul was called.

“That was definitely not a foul” – Rigby (demeter)
“Can we just hurry up and play its contested. Its almost 10 o clock” -Kumbha (hermes)
“i just wanted to make sure i had the context right. i saw it but wasnt super paying attention and was far away so huge grain of salt. my take was that you had a direct line to the disc and she ran into your line. you already had momentum and couldnt stop before she impeded your path.” -objective non player lish (context was she asked sober if O or D)

Anyway, theres what happened. as some might say, the slanted truth, as others might say, factual evidence. shrug.

the real headline is…


Finally, Cortez has won a summer league game (this year to be clear) FINALLY. as our Walle plagued with injury sub, a lot has rested on Cortezs shoulders. Unfortunately Hermes hasnt been able to win for cortez, or have we not been able to win with cortez? food for thought, but FINALLY. The curse is broken. We can all sleep again. We can eat. We can think about summer league and not feel guilt for losing. FINALLY.

After we got kicked off the field, Hermes went to the bar. Not a single one of our opponents came to the bar. (We obviously won it) Technically Ocho did come, but she was subbing for Demeter and also we were her ride home… so like. Anyway, it was Maxs last night with us, so we all just grabbed a pitcher and some other beers and chatted. The serving lady at joxers was so nice and brought us out free chips and salsa and carrots and ranch just because she felt bad that the kitchen was closed. It was awesome. Makes up for the $9 shots a little bit.

I am also supposed to say, that last week I said Jack Briskie didnt come to the bar… he in fact did… and he sent me a photo of myself at robin hood to prove it… and he publicly shamed me… but honestly he should have because I was so wrong. So anyway, just a PSA jack briskie WAS AT ROBIN HOOD… meanninngggg our entire team went to the bar last week. boom boom.

okay, so back to this week. i honestly dont have much to say. the game was a tad sloppy for my taste, but i did go 5/5 on hammers so suck it matt burke. the first half of the game brandon live streamed it on my facebook, so you can go back and watch if you want. i maybe will watch it later today.

oh… also MAX AALTO AND VIVIAN SHEN FOR CUTEST COUPLE OF THE SUMMER. I know they cant be LA new cute couple blah blah whatever. But I 100% guarantee you they are the summer couple of the year. see attached cute photo, and also just know that i have other photos but dont want to seem to stalkerish of their couple life.


umm idk what else i have to say. darren and cortez scored a lot. sober roofed everyone in the area, some dude on their team is eerily fast and silent, a good combination, ocho had some dope layouts, i LOLed when rigby wasnt getting the disc as a cutter and then just started center handling for demeter and it worked very well, someone needs to cut deep for a homie, girl can boost it, we had a HUGE sideline, austins parents and two of his friends were all there plus injured jack and ashley it was awesome. i was surprised spaz didnt come to the bar. we were missing frankie for his daughters bday, acceptable excuse i guesssss. okay i need to go live my day, but heres the recap sorry it sucked.

also eric brach is really cool but then he left halfway through to get his wife from the airport… you know theres uber right? but #love



As a post script, Klepto emailed: “I found it enjoyable! But you left out the important detail that Cortez finally accepted my friend request after 3 years!”  To which Kumbha responded: “Lmao i forgot sorry”

Yay to the Facebook friendship of Klepto and Cortez.  Kleptez?  I can’t wait until 5 years from now when Facebook sends the inevitable sappy photo montage of them.

Not a bad recap Kumbha.  A great one.  But the powers.  What about the powers?


Date Time League Season
July 25, 2017 12:00 am Summer League 2017


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