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Heading into this game, Grant Boyd and Jane Carlen were working on an extremely rare feat.  They went undefeated in Winter League with Skeeter.  And were now winless in Summer League with Hephaestus.  Winless in one.  Undefeated in the other.  I had to wonder, had that ever been done before?  So I poured through the books to see if I could find a player who had accomplished this incredible achievement of highs and lows.  And in fact, yes.

In 2010 Summer League, Dexy’s Midnight Runners went 11-0.  They were actually the first team ever to win every single regular season game in Summer League.  (Caveat: Lint Gray won all their games in Spring League in 1998, the pre-cursor to Summer League, and Ice Gray in 2003 went undefeated, but had one tie.)  Dexy’s went on to lose in finals to Pretty in Pink in an incredible game.  In Winter League that same year, Milquetoast went 0-5.  They lost three games to rain that year, including a match-up against the other 0-5 team Top Shelf.

The common player on both teams: Joe Forbes.  The Cannon.  I saw Joe coincidentally on Monday night, shortly after I had learned this fact, and he didn’t remember it at all.  But when he thought about it, he did correctly pick out that year.

So with the possibility of being the first players to have this happen in seven years, how did Hephaestus do?  Here’s Jane:

RecapJaneWe won!

No thanks to me. I was sidelined because I hurt my knee at old person nationals last weekend, but Connie came to sub for me so, you know, you’re welcome team : ). Sidelining was actually kinda fun, especially cause our team is really coming together at the right time. It especially shows on defense, but the offense is working out the kinks too. It’s great to have Foo back from Bavaria for some more offensive mustard. He was our official fire carrier of the night.

Hot flashes of glory/entertainment:

– Me, Grant, and Dune all yelling “no around” at Sarabi, and her completely ignoring us and being right (she knew she was guarding a lefty and would have time to re-position on a break attempt).
– Sonja dropped one pass and that ticked her off so after that I saw her stare every other disc all the way to her palms. She’s a competitor, don’t believe her if she tries to tell you otherwise.
– Foo coming down with two big hucks to prevent any whiff of a comeback at the end.
– Xenon got my favorite D of the night on a give and go to (I think) claw, who (if you don’t know) is very fast. Those little throws are so hard to stop but xenon is very fast so it worked out.
– Dylan chasing down everything on D, and also admitting to me that even though it seemed like he finally remembered to bring all his gear this week he actually doesn’t usually play in pants. (He forgot his shorts.)
– Dune taking charge in the endzone on the last point and throwing the winning goal. After a bunch of redzone frustration it was great to see such a clean final possession. He also had a great faceguarding-but-my-hand-is-in-the-right-place blind dump d.
– Boortz wasn’t there because he hurt his ankle at pickup…while on the sideline #boortzingaround

Powers: I was excited for the other team to use the off-hand power on us (which they did the first point) because it felt like finally we’d benefit from Grant playing our first 6 games with his off hand. We didn’t score, but we did complete an impressive number of off-handed passes, and I was thoroughly entertained. That power’s a keeper. We missed a golden opportunity to use the sub-in/snake in the grass power in the first half, and then our attempt in the second half was well worked (definitely caught the other team off guard) but the throw was a little short. The best part though was that Dylan came late and didn’t know about the power, so when we drew up the plan to use it at halftime he just thought there was an open subbing rule he didn’t know about…I guess you had to be there.

We decided not the go the bar after so we could go really hard after our last game of the season next tuesday. We may have finally won a game, but we’re still losers.

You can always make up for that by coming to Joxer’s for Karaoke TONIGHT!!!!!

So Joe remains the last person to accomplish the undefeated/unvictorious feat.  Wonder the next time this might come into play again, and will I remember to notice?

Also, Hephaestus’ win wasn’t the only negative streak broken.  Athena, by scoring on the point they called the offhand power, FINALLY has a successful power!!!  Woo hoo!

You’ll notice I gave credit for a successful power to Hephaestus even though Jane said the snake-in-the-grass throw fell short.  They did end up scoring the point, but as she correctly pointed out, not directly because of the use of the power.  Of course, the rate of success of powers on the standings page is merely for fun, and doesn’t have any value.  But I still like to call it a success if the team that used the power scored even if the power didn’t directly lead to the score.  Here’s a few examples of what I mean from things people wrote in recaps:

– The huck for the snake-in-the-grass play, even though it didn’t work, put the opponents deep in their own territory, which possibly led to their turnover and continuation of the point.
– A team calls Hat D power, but gets the turn without a Hat D and scores.  Well, perhaps the threat of the Hat D changed how the opponents’ offense played.  Maybe they stayed away from the sidelines fearing a sideline Hat D.  Maybe a large hat on the mark caused a thrower not to make a particular throw.
– A team overturns a call.  They get to keep the disc, but later they turn it.  Other team turns it, and original team gets it back and scores.  Again, the overturned call didn’t directly lead to the score, but maybe if that call wasn’t overturned the other team scores on that possession cause maybe they’re closer to the end zone at that point.
– A team calls the running power but didn’t go very far on the run.  They still scored the point but only after several turns by both teams.  Okay, so the running power clearly didn’t lead directly to the score, but any distance gained from the running power got the team a little further downfield then they may have gotten by throwing.  It’s also possible the threat of the run changed how the other team pulled the disc, and maybe it didn’t go as far.  This has a cause and effect that is still felt multiple turnovers later.

Or am I just really stretching here?


Date Time League Season
July 26, 2017 12:00 am Summer League 2017


Rancho Cienega Recreation Center

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