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Did you know Dionysus is not even a full God???  He’s a demigod.  The only one of the 16 teams.  His father was Zeus, but his mother was Semele, a total muggle.  Things did not go so well for Semele.  After getting impregnated by the fake form of Zeus, Hera tricked him into revealing his true form, and she burst into flames at the sight of him and then spent some hard time in the underworld.

Sucky.  Thanks for that dude.

Then it gets even wackier.  Dionysus was just a fetus at the time of her death, so Zeus sews him into his thigh.  I mean, what?  Huh?  Later, as an adult, Dionysus makes his burnt to the crisp mom an immortal and she’s renamed Thyone.  And “Thyone was described as the goddess of the inspired frenzy which seized the female devotees in the course of the Bacchic orgy.”

Eyebrow raised.

Also, the name thyone is the genus for several species of sea worms.  Facts.

And with that out of the way, let’s get to last night’s game.  First up, from the victors, it’s Seth Gillum:

RecapSethAll season long, team Dionysus has been dancing around dangerously spectacular. There are moments where I can’t believe how dominant we are, and there are moments that I just can’t believe. The first half of last night, we showed the dominance. Going up 8-2, everything looked right. Brutal defense, solid motion on offense (for summer league) and hard work all around. Also, fear of a 7am game tourney day might have helped too.

But the king of the gods was not going to roll over for us in the second half. Dionysus, starting the half on O quickly gave up two points to make it 8-4. And for the second half, we slugged it out trading short runs and points to finish 15-11.

As usual for Dionysus, we failed in our power attempt. (Are we the worst in the league at that?). And Dionysus has begun ramping up its defense to summer league tourney levels.

On Dio’s side, a shout out to Thies who took on the difficult mission of trying to stop Lu Wang’s step around break. And Tiff who seemed to be open when we needed her. But I always feel neglectful calling out specific people. I saw all sorts of little things that were true difference makers from everyone on the team. My only fear is that when I come back from injury for next weeks game, I won’t be able to keep up with the level of play I saw from both Dionysus and Zeus last night. Gotta go work on my throws…..

Great game Zeus! Way to play hard and make us feel like it was a nail biter for the entire second half!

No, you are hardly the worst in the league at powers.  In fact, the failure only brings you to even, at 4 and 4.  Probably check out my comments in the Hephaestus vs. Athena game that also happened last night.  I explained how I determine success rate of powers, and why several people are assuming the powers aren’t working as well for them as I’m giving them credit for.

Also, he’s right that not getting a first round bye will mean a likely 7:20AM start time for your first game, meaning being at the fields just before 7.  The reason for moving the tournament up so early of course is the expected heat in Santa Clarita.  Expected high as of today is 102.  Ugh.  Not as bad as that one terrible year in Pomona, but pretty darn close.  Please bring extra water to hydrate.

And now, here’s Don Macatangay of Zeus:

RecapDonGreat SECOND half tonight but unfortunately we come short 11-15. Here’s the recap:

Tonight we come back after our bye week COLD.


To start the game off we immediately used Ankhiale’s power right off the bat to get a score to go up 1-0. Unfortunately that would be the only time we took the lead. After that it was the Dionysus show. They take us pretty easily to half 2-8. But then we come out of half throwin’ down the THUNDAH scoring 2 off the bat, 4-8.

Leo Dwight giphy-6 33dfvx1

Then we started trading points off until we got within three 7-10 but then traded points up until the end. We definitely had some fight in us but didn’t have enough to get over their first half lead and end the game 11-15. To Dionysus’ credit they gave our defense a lot of trouble with their handler movement. But overall a well spirited game!

Here’s a picture of Evan Valdés marrying his sister:


I bet you thought you could get away from the Lu but you can’t so here’s a gif of Lu inside a Loo.


Zeus will be bringing the lightning next week so here’s a gif of killing a a bunch of people…


I’m very curious when the point will come that Don has filled up WordPress’ entire storage space with gifs.


Date Time League Season
July 26, 2017 12:00 am Summer League 2017


Rancho Cienega Recreation Center

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