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Boy, if you want to see 500 photos of pretty much exactly the same thing, then get on Google and type in Hestia Cosplay, and scroll down and down and down.  But I wouldn’t do this at work where any of your coworkers could walk by.

This is because Hestia is an anime character, and apparently a very popular one.  Or at least a popular one to dress up as.

I’m not sure how I’m going to transition that into Artemis’ recap.  I don’t have any clever segue here.

But know I spent 25 minutes of research looking for something interesting, and nothing jumped out at me.  So I apologize.

But here’s Joanna Whitney of Artemis on their game last night:

RecapJoannaBoring Recap:

Artemis came with only 6 guys but all 7 ladies!
Artemis called offhand power on first point while on d. Artemis takes first point.
Artemis takes half 8-7
Hestia calls teleport and ignores their deep wide open man who entered play. Still score the point anyway.
Hestia goes up 13-8
Artemis comes back to 13-11
Hestia had more subs and capitalized on how tired Artemis was to win 15-11
Elmo asked Artemis for brownies and beer at the next game to make up for so many absences this week. Hestia delivered her wish last night without even knowing.

Real Recap:

giphy (4)

This is mesmerizing.

The win keeps Hestia undefeated at 8-0, and congratulations to Hestia who has clinched the regular season title with the win!  With Poseidon’s loss to Hera (recap still to come for that game) Hestia has locked into the #1 seed, the second straight for Dylan and Debi Patton.

Artemis falls to 5-3, but still has a shot at a first round bye.  Next week they can steal one from Hades when the two go head-to-head.

And now, here’s a recap from Debi of Hestia:

RecapDebiLooks like Artemis is also a Goddess of virginity so it was the war of the unused vajayjays which started out pretty hairy for Hestia (no pun intended).

To begin with Dylan Patton lost the flip for the first time this season. That made us all a bit concerned that THIS might be the game we ultimately must lose if we have any chance of winning the tournament. Also, Tammy (Carl Edward’s wife) came out to watch and as all of us from Newbury Park know… if Hestia had lost it would have been Tammy’s fault!

But seriously, both teams were low on subs. Artemis was missing a few men that probably would have made a difference for them. Hestia had all of our men but we were missing 3 women while Artemis had all 7 of theirs. We were fortunate enough to get Cortez for about half the game which was a nice surprise. She also played a few points for Hera in their game against Poseidon.

Game time:

Artemis called the off hand power right off the bat and due to a tiny brain fart on our end the first throw was made not using the off hand and so it was a Hestia turn over right on Artemis’s end zone and they scored.

Next thing we know we are down by 3 and a time out was called by Hestia.

There were some back and forth points while Hestia worked our way out of the hole we had dug ourselves and Artemis took half 8-7.

Hestia used our halftime huddle to regroup and after half we went up 12-8 on Artemis.

Artemis had played a bit of zone defense early in the game and it worked but they stopped using it for some reason. They decided to try it again at this point and managed to make a small comeback bringing the score to 13-10, then 13-11.

Hestia did use their “transport” power and Dylan did come in for Chef… but my recollection was that Dylan ended up throwing a cross field hammer (of course he did) for a score but on the initial transport he was looked off deep.

Hestia finally got their mojo back and put the game away with a final of 15-11.

There were some close calls last night where it could have gone either way.

Notable moments:

Snatch earning his nick name with a lot of great catches.

Gabrielle “Gabe” Sjoberg catching the disc with her face on the ground.

Tammas Wilner just being a fast as fuck dude with spidey hands.

Ed Melo’s sick layout “D”

Enway’s sick Layout catch.

Snatch and Fuse were Hestia’s picks for game MVPs on Artemis and MVP gifts were given and there was some “baby bird” action.

Post game Brownies and a pretty good Hestia turn out at the Robin Hood!!

So far everyone has used the snake in the grass power on offense.  Nobody’s used it on defense yet, which David Reed of Azazel who had the power last year assured me was the smartest way to use the power.  We’ll have to see what happens next week.

Points to Debi for chastising her son for cursing in one of his recaps, and then cursing in this one.


Date Time League Season
July 28, 2017 12:00 am Summer League 2017


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