Poseidon vs Hephaestus


Today’s update:  Santa Clarita weather report is a high of 93º for Saturday.  HALLELUJAH!!!  Last week it was forecasting 103 for Saturday and I was freaking out.  So much happier to see it dropped by 10º.  That’s gonna make a huge difference.

Today’s reminders: All 10 powers are available to use on Saturday.  Same rules apply for each game.  First team to pick a power can use that and the next team then gets to choose their power from the remaining powers.  But each team is limited to only using any specific power once per tournament.  So for example, if you use the Off-hand power in Pre-Quarters, then you can’t use it again for the rest of the tournament.  In Quarters if you use the Running power, now you can’t use that one either for Semis or Finals.  In Semis, you use the 2-point power, now that’s also off the table for finals.  Definite strategy comes into play.

With the temperature dropped to 93, games can be to 13 now.

And don’t forget to bring your TOGA!!!!  You can play in your toga at the tournament if you’d like, assuming it’s the same color as your team, or you wear your jersey over your toga.  You have to wear a toga at the after-party if you wish to participate in the Olympics!  (You can borrow a toga too.)

Okay, for last night’s game, here’s Spike of Poseidon:

RecapSpikeHalf was 8-7 us
Both powers failed (we had 8 people on when we caught a teleport, everyone agreed that a Huck-it lid was too dangerous to play with and we went back to an actual disc)

The defender of the deep this week is the fish from the old man and the sea! (Chuck, I’m so glad you’ve been apart of this team. Thank you.)

Image (3)

Poseidon wins the game and the bar! What a fun way to end the season! Thanks @grantboyd for the side bet and the beer!


With the victory, Poseidon assures themselves a first-round bye.

In case you’re curious about the 12-7 score shown above, you’ll have to ask Spike or Grant about it.  I heard about it, but I think they could explain it better.

Also, here’s a video Alex Carey sent of the post-game activities.

And Jane Carlen sent this text recap.  She wasn’t there.



Date Time League Season
August 2, 2017 12:00 am Summer League 2017


Rancho Cienega Recreation Center

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