Hermes vs Aphrodite


CHAOS is happening in Summer League.  Oh my God.  In the last few days, players are dropping out faster than members of the White House.  In the last hour alone, one team asked to disband completely before the tournament (the first time in my entire TDing career that a Summer League team asked that) and teams have been discussing tanking their final game to get the first round bye on the bottom end.

What is happening people????  This might be the most chaotic final week of a season I’ve gone through.  Thank God the weather forecast keeps improving.

Next year.  DEFINITELY Replacement Player draft is coming.  Fo shizzle.  The overwhelming number of players that have dropped this year is causing more craziness in the replacement process than normal.  And it’s been really a challenge to keep everything fair.  As soon as you replace a bunch of players, more players drop and then you’re scrambling.  Even the replacements are dropping.  People are writing me on a Monday to say they’re available and then on Tuesday they’ve changed their mind.  You kind of have to laugh at all this.

Anyhoo, let’s get to the game last night.  Here’s Kumbha of Hermes:

RecapKumbhaLast night was not how i envisioned summer league ending to be honest. Red only had 2 ladies, and only 7 dudes. We had 7 dudes, and 6 ladies. it was a dreary day, but everyone was just lugging and having fun while playing frisbee.

We started off 5-2, then i quickly said fuck that and we played 4-3 against their 5-2. They mostly threw zone anyway. I had subbed for aphrodite a few times this year, so they are all homies and it was awesome to play against them.

Definitely a bummer though that all their ladies bailed. Halftime we were up 8-6. We took game 15-8. Used the hockey sub power and it worked on the second point or the third point. In the second half they made us use a bottle cap, the pull went all of 2 yards, and then 4 turns later they scored.

aphrodite grinded the whole game even with really low numbers so shoutout to them. shoutout to ruth and sam kelley who came at some point in the first half to give magma and celine some lady relief, they then went back to 4-3. sorry to chris for rebreaking his toe.

Went to the bar, it was a lot of fun. most of my hermes all showed up which was great. The last two standing were Alex Carey and I at 3 am on the curb of Joxers talking nonstop until Eileen called and Alex was summoned home.

Considering doing a captain duo/trio/quad power ranking, but then decided against it. Maybe will just make one and then send to Alex.

Jean was tired and didn’t want to write a recap but she lugs.



This game exemplified the great spirit of Summer League.  Hermes was willing to make the sacrifices necessary to play the game out in fun.  They ended up winning handily, which was cool but I feel they probably would’ve stuck to the 4/3 vs. 5/2 even if the game was close.

First time the Disc Replacement power was used.  Although technically a bottle cap doesn’t really fit the description of flat, round and plastic, does it?  Round for sure.  Plastic though?  The only plastic bottle caps are like soda or juice bottle caps, right?  And those aren’t really flat.  Beer bottle caps are flatter, but they’re metal.  Do we have confirmation on the type of bottle cap used?  I’m not saying I’m gonna negate the point or anything.  Hardly.  I’m just genuinely curious.


Date Time League Season
August 2, 2017 12:00 am Summer League 2017


Rancho Cienega Recreation Center

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