Marshall vs Dumbledore’s Army


Sorry this is late.  I’ve been busy y’all.

Highlights of the Marshall/Dumbledore game.

  • They made us go white.  I didn’t bring a white.  Cause I’m a rookie clearly.  Not the only one.  Several Dumbledore players lent us white shirts.  Who are we?  Have we played this game before?
  • High level offense on a narrow field.  In the first half, teams traded points through 6-6 with minimal turns.  Highlight reel plays too.  People pulling down discs over other people on both sides.
  • Dumbledore does classic center handler reset based offense.  Catch pull.  Center throw.  Spread cutters across field.  We expected a lot of deep shots, but they did a bunch of short quick passes instead for the most part.  Not that they didn’t take their shots of course, but they moved it up with what Seattle used to call the Plinko offense when they could.  Constant movement.
  • Marshall takes half 8-6.  Our biggest advantage was a couple huge D’s on hucks.  Especially from PVP who fired us up with his relentless defense.
  • Marshall goes up 12-8.  We won some 50-50 jump balls, and AJ and Connie in particular were on fire.  Also kudos to newcomer Annie Kean who played great before having to leave by the second half.  Also, shout outs to Seth and Emma, who were insane on their break-mark throws.  I appreciate Emma’s just a little more, cause they’re lefty breaks.  Holla!
  • Unfortunately, after an incredible D on a huck to Charlie, PVP lands awkwardly and comes out of the game.  We find out later he fractured the base of the 5th metatarsal.  Don’t yet know the timeline of his return.  No question his absence on the field was a big factor in everything you will read below.
  • Dumbledore scores at 12-9 when Andy Dunn (there was a LOT of Andy on Andy points) roasts me deep on a throw Blitz puts just past my extended hand.  Marshall has 6 players 40 and over, and they took advantage of some of those mismatches later in the game.
  • Time-out called at 12-9.  We talk in the huddle about playing efficient offense.  First point out of the time-out, we huck it to a receiver and there’s miscommunication on the throw and it’s a turn.  Yup.  They score.  12-10.
  • Forced into a tight window of a throw that gets D’d within 20 yards of our own end zone, they get an easy score. 12-11.
  • Another huck turnover.  Then after getting the disc back, Charlie proves he has really long arms and gets a hand block on another huck attempt.  They tie it at 12’s.  In case you’re keeping score, that’s 3 straight points off three missed hucks and a throw into a tight window after talking about efficient offense in the huddle.  Huddles = overrated?
  • We finally score 13-12, but they tie it at 13’s.
  • Charlie makes unbelievably amazing catch over Gary.  With his back to the back line of the end zone, he fully extends over Gary and as he’s hit on the play, he somehow manages to keep his toe in bounds on a play that most people would’ve probably hyperextended a knee.  But Charlie is already a hyperextended human, so it’s okay.
  • MER goes down with an injury.  We’re down to only 3 women and no subs.
  • Erin, who showed up when we were up 12-9 and then went over to watch Sky Life for a bit, came back and we’re down 14-13.  She doesn’t understand how this happened.  I hear ya babe.  I hear ya.
  • We tie it at 14’s and discuss OT rules.
  • Last two points I don’t remember at all.  Not even joking.  I think it’s a form of PTSD?  Honestly trying to remember how they scored the final two points but my mind is blank.  Anyway, it happened.  They scored the final two.  Pulled the huge comeback to go 8-2 in the final 10 points to win.
  • Celebrated my 46th birthday at Joxer’s.  Got a little too drunk.  Actually had to go to work the next day.  #lifechoices
  • Fell asleep in the middle of doing it.  #badlifechoices


Date Time League Season
January 10, 2018 12:00 am Winter League 2018


Rancho Cienega Recreation Center

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