Retro vs Skylife


Retro and After Party changed places last night.  Not sure why, but I’m guessing that it probably had something to do with the fact we all learned our first week’s game on Friday.  The first recap of the year comes from Retro’s Meg Hofner.

RecapMegHucks and breaks
And running galore;
Precipitation threatening the air but
People don’t mind;
You’re playing ultimate here.
Backhand handblock by Cotter
Intensifies the hype,
Robin’s matchup on Johnny
Takes speed to new heights.
Halftime 8-4 Retro
Don’t get too comfortable then
After a few goals
You’ll soon be 12-10!
Buster playing every point
As a sub pool player!
Nice KChu score with a
Diving layout save!
Infinite number of deep throws
Taken in both teams’ fervor;
Yes, lots weren’t completed
Or we’d have been drinking sooner!
Until the very end when
Retro came out on top
Ending it all 14-10.
Opening the season with Skylife’s best
Leaves us wanting for the rest
Drinking time now I guess.


Yeah, the lights went out, which is why it ended 14-10.  Our Marshall/Dumbledore game was over well before theirs.  But we ended after 10 o’clock ourselves I’m pretty sure, so the lights did stay on past 10 which was nice.  Also, there was no fighting for space on the field.  Everyone was mostly gone by the time we got there, and we easily could’ve started on time.  At some points the kids may come back from Winter break and we may find ourselves fighting to get on at 8, but at least for week one it was free of any of that.

It was a nice rainbow of colors last night.  Retro’s orange, Sky Life’s red, Dumbledore’s purple and Marshall’s blue, before Dumbledore made us go white that is.


Date Time League Season
January 10, 2018 12:00 am Winter League 2018


Rancho Cienega Recreation Center

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