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When we last saw Kapow!, it was 2016.  They had beaten the Rooks in a 12v13 play-in game before losing to Sky Life in C bracket semis, and then kapoof, they were gone for 2017.  But they’re back again this year.  They do have a long history with Rooks.  Prior to that play-in game, they played twice in 2016 with each team taking a win, including Kapow!’s exciting 15-13 win and Rooks’ 15-9 victory which was only their 2nd ever regular season win.

They also played twice in 2015, with Kapow! taking both games, but one was an overtime 16-14 win, and they met back in 2014 when Kapow! won 15-5 in their first bout.

We have two recaps for you today.  First one is from Kapow’s Lance Iliev.  A first time recapper:

RecapLanceIlievThe year was 2016. A leap year. Late winter. The election was going strong. Star Wars fanboys were eagerly awaiting the Blu-ray release of The Force Awakens. Peyton Manning retired after winning Super Bowl 50. And it was both the last year that KAPOW! played in winter league, AND played the Rooks. They had only won one game that year during the regular season, the last game, which was a 15-13 victory over the Rooks. And in the post season, KAPOW! didn’t fair much better.

But enough about history, we’re in 2018. Not only is it a new year, but almost a completely new KAPOW! team as well. Only 3.5 players returned to the roster from the 2016 season, and of the new roster, over half of the players are rookies in league play, with 3 completely new players to the sport of Ultimate.

The Rooks won the toss and elected to pull the disc. KAPOW! Came out hot, winning 3 of the first 4 points before the Rooks came back to tie the score 3-3. After a trade of points, the KAPOW! defensive lines took advantage of the turnovers to take and maintain the lead and move the game to 8-4 at half.

The second half started strong for KAPOW! as well, scoring 3 of the first 5 points. Unlike the first half, however, there were plenty of mistakes on both sides of the field. One of the biggest came when KAPOW! was leading 14-7 on the goal line. Chuck (KAPOW!) was called for a stall, but his defender was called for a fast stall count. This was immediately followed by a foul at the back of the end zone when both a KAPOW! and Rooks player got tangled while pulling for the disc. With the disc returned to Chuck, the Rooks were quick to get a turn over, followed by a score to boost their confidence.

The final point of the game left KAPOW! with high hopes for the rest of the season. A 15-8 victory for the first game is always nice, but they won’t be taking their wins lightly, especially since next week KAPOW! faces the other Santa Clarita team. It’ll be a game with crazy possibilities.

Smart to have Santa Clarita teams these days.  Sure, it’s a long trip to regular season games, but in the tournament you get to sleep in a little, and you can Uber to the fields without paying too much so you can drink all you want at the party.  There’s no downside.

Interesting that they still call the team Kapow! despite only 3 and a half players returning.  What’s a half player?  Did you just throw that in to see if we were paying attention?

And now, here’s a recap from the Rooks side of things.  This is Colin Whitman:

RecapColinWThe newfound criminal enterprise of the Rooks, or perhaps Crooks, took the field last night, hoping to steal a victory away from long-time rival Kapow! The two groups met at the arranged location in hopes of making a deal. Rooks takes a victory and Kapow keeps their squeaky clean image intact. A good ol’ extortion. But little did Kapow know that Crooks had no intent to honor that deal…

The standoff started and to be honest, no one really knows who shot first, but everyone ducked for cover. Shots were fire back and forth, but Kapow struck first.

Things get a little hazy. Kapow doesn’t relent and keeps firing, long shots, side shots, Enway shots, all the shots. A cease-fire is reached at 8-4 with Kapow taking the high ground. Badly outmanned, outwomanned and wounded. The Crooks try to regroup and strategize how to turn the tables back in their favor. Despite herculean efforts from Derek, Eok, and Christi with two amazing poster-sized dunks and a handblock, respectively, the Crooks could only muster more of the same in the second half. Another sneaky move in her first grass game, the newest Crook Alma caught her first pass and her first score.

Kapow walked out with a victory and their image intact… An embarassing turn for the Crooks… BUT!

The Crooks will return to their lair and put a call into the syndicate to see what can be done for next week’s heist at the Rancho Showdown. Be afraid, be very afraid.

I was born afraid.

Let’s see if Kapow! gets some votes now on this week’s poll after this victory.  As of my writing this, they had only 3 votes with Rooks at 17.  Could this turn the tables in the voters’ minds?

There’s only so many letters you can put in front of Rooks and have it still work.  Crooks is used.  I’m thinking brooks is the only word left, unless you get creative.  Wait, nope, I looked it up.  You can also go strook and donnybrook.


Date Time League Season
January 11, 2018 12:00 am Winter League 2018


Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex

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