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After Party vs Tsukemen and Women

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After Party switched their night with Retro, and played against last year’s B Division champ Tsukemen and Women on Thursday.  Here’s the recap from After Party’s Nate Warden and Stephanie Hicks:

After Party Recap – Birthdays, Babies, and Bars.

There’s a reason we call ourselves After Party and not Pregame… as Tsukemen and Women (defending B Division Champs) played an excellent game to open the season against us, slaughtering us 15-4.  Both teams had plenty of highlights with some skies and some lay-out Ds and some really fun stuff! It felt closer to me, but I think it’s because we were just rolling and having fun.



  • With over half the team being new this year, we got to meet a ton of new friends and learn new things! Shout out to Joel, Andrew, Walthers, Thomas, Chris, Mo, Ellen and Steven! So thrilled to work and get better together with you all. And we have more new friends to come!
  • One of our absent players, Chris Bennett, is now a FATHER! Welcome to young Blaise Arthur Bennett to the Party of life!
  • DOUBLE BIRTHDAY ACTION with Josie and me! Stephanie got us some wonderful crowns, Ruth and Sam provided excellent cake and we also got free drinks at Joxer’s Daly from the bald bartender, fun fact, he is also a Capricorn!
  • We were happy to welcome Steven Nemeth from London to play on our team for his first week in LA! With his crazy colorful jersey kit, steady handling, and British-isms we’re so happy to have him! Let’s get you some boots. I don’t want to see your pants.
  • Griff, Steph and I were all returning from injuries (Knee tear, hip labral tear and hamstring tear respectively) and none of us died!!


Some PARTY FRISBEE HIGHLIGHTS (cause I guess we did play a game…)  

  • Kirkham played an excellent game! Some great bombs and a layout D
  • Ellen, a recent LA addition, scored our first goal on a bomb from Kirkham, assuring us that if we put it up, she would bring it down… AND SHE DID!
  • I threw a dope bomb to Thomas!
  • Mo did great handling for us and scored a goal.
  • Our defense was solid, but Tsuke-defense was suffocating for our offense which to be frank… didn’t have much chemistry since we were getting to know each other….
  • …which we got a great jump on at the bar… in which we are still undefeated.



After Party

I don’t doubt After Party’s ability to win a party.  But to be fair, After Party has yet to play Marshall, who’s been doing the after party thing for 19 years and running, and I think may give them a run for their money if we’re fortunate enough to be scheduled against each other this year.

Dominating showing by Tsukemen and Women.  I’m excited to see where they’ll finish this year.  Can they exceed their 3rd place regular season finish from last season?


Date Time Competition Season
January 11, 2018 8:00 pm Winter League 2018


Team1st Half2nd HalfFinal Score
After Party224
Tsukemen and Women8715

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  1. Are you asking for that match up?

  2. Not necessarily, I’m just speaking out loud.

    But it would definitely be a fun game for sure.

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