Skeeter vs Dumbledore’s Army


Hope everyone had a nice long weekend, and whichever beach tournament you played in, I hope you partied like a rock star but saved a little for Winter League.  Week 2 y’all.  We’re starting with last year’s tournament champs Skeeter trying to get their first win of their title defense.  Here’s Andy Dunn of Dumbledore’s Army:

RecapAndyDWHAT A GAME! This match-up had been circled on the DA calendar since Skeeter wiped the floor with us all the times we played them last year. Pre-game, we discussed how everyone on their team is awesome at Frisbee and it was going to be a tough game, especially since we had a bunch of players out with assorted Lei Out related injuries. The game started out rough for DA, with Skeeter breaking to go up 2-0 right away. DA battled back to tie it at 2’s, traded to 4-4 and then…. It kind of fell apart. Skeeter rattled off 4 in a row on several DA miscues to take half 8-4. With wands and broomsticks broken, the DA captains did the only thing they could at half…they broke wizarding law and had us all drink Felix Felicis potion. One sip each from the halftime water-bottle changed everything.

DA came out with a confidence only an illegal performance enhancing potion can provide, scoring 6 in a row out of half to take the lead 10-8. This stretch was something to behold. Both teams were flying around the field, with DA doing just barely enough to force turns and being just efficient enough to hold on for their scores.

By this point in the game, the potion began to wear off and Skeeter scored their first out of half to make it 10-9. DA held on the ensuing O point, but then Skeeter held and then broke to tie the game at 11’s. Both teams could feel the pressure, but DA remained calm on O and really cranked up the pressure on D. After some incredible defensive plays, DA went on another run and scored 3 in a row to make it 14-11. Skeeter was not done though, scoring on a beautiful full-field huck to Stig to bring the score to 14-12. On the final point, DA worked it up to 10 yards from the goal line when an up-the-line throw was broken up in tight defense in the endzone. Skeeter worked the disc up about 15 yards from their own goal line when Blitz got a D on an amazing layout for a swing pass. DA would not turn it again and scored to win the game 15-12.

I’m not exaggerating when I say I have never seen a league game with so much athleticism and fight on both sides. Both teams did a great job keeping the game spirited and it will certainly go down as one of the greatest winter league games in Dumbledore’s Army history.

So this is the second straight game Dumbledore has had at least a four point deficit and came back to win, pulling the victory last week after falling down 12-8.  It just goes to show how you never give up, and they are demonstrating amazing resilience this early in the season.

But just as amazing is Skeeter starting out the season 0-2 after going undefeated last year and romping through the playoffs.  Yeah, for sure it’s early in the season, and early results don’t have a lot of bearing on the tournament, but we’re just starting week 2 and we’re already getting some real interesting stuff here.


Date Time League Season
January 17, 2018 12:00 am Winter League 2018


Rancho Cienega Recreation Center

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