After Party vs RETRO


We have a recap a little late.  This is from Tuesday night’s game.  But you know what?  Sometimes things take time to write.  For example, the LAOUT Awards.  I’m still working on the on-line version.  Two weeks late?  Maybe.  But patience is a virtue.  I’ve heard.

Here’s Stephanie Hicks, winner of the 2017 Recapper of the Year award, with After Party’s report on their game against Retro:

RecapStephanieCaptain’s Log, Ultidate 1161.8:  We have entered a spectacular binary star system in the Rancho Cienega sector on a most critical mission for After Party.  Our eminent competitor, Retro, is circling the system, and will be landing soon in an attempt to repeat their win from last year, in a match of the ultimate kind that will occur here over the next few hours.

Captain’s Log, half-time supplemental: After Party came out with phasers set to stun, but Retro evaded our maneuvers with their chilly handlers, speed and experience.  A formidable foe.  We traded points, Retro’s experience playing together shining through against After Party’s shakey zone defense, but After Party managed to maneuver through Retro’s minefields with relatively little damage and pull ahead to take half 8-6.

Captain’s Log, supplemental: Retro has capitalized on multiple After Party errors, including a drop on a pull and Griffin stealing a goal from one of his After Party female colleagues to tie the score at 10-10.  After Party is investigating the source of the breach but suspects they are overly tired from a weekend partying at LeiOut.

Captain’s Log, final supplemental:  Thanks to help of sick Callahan by Thomas, epic hucks and grabs by Kirkham and Bambi, a sweet-lay-out-D by Joel, chilling handling by Mo and Judge, sticky grabs by Ellen and Ruth, and lots of awesome zone from Sam, Thomas, Kyle, Chris and Chris, After Party went on a quick run to secure the victory 15-10.  Papa Kirkham helped us celebrate our victorious evening and continue our 2-0 streak at the bar by getting pizza delivered to Joxers.  After Party now sets out on a diplomatic mission to the SkyLife star system in hopes of stopping the champagne campaign that has been devastating the region.


You can get pizza delivered to a bar?  I didn’t know you could do that.  Joxer’s is awesome.  How many bars that serve food would be okay with that?

Is Kirkham recently a father?  Or is he just a big cuddly Smurf?

And is there a new Bambi?  That’s not the USC Bambi is it?

Also, aside, guess which one of these teams had a Party Bus after their season last year?


Date Time League Season
January 17, 2018 12:00 am Winter League 2018


Rancho Cienega Recreation Center

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