KAPOW! vs Scoober Divers


Scoober Divers is finally getting their first game in.  They are one of the new teams this year.  And as Lance Iliev will explain, there’s a lot on the line in this one:

RecapLanceIlievOf any of the teams playing this Winter League, KAPOW! and Scoober Divers will probably have the worst blood, most sarcasm, best trash talking, and highest spirited rivalry of any teams. Why might you ask? Any other Wednesday night you could show up to Central Park in Santa Clarita and watch at least 26 of the 37 players that played in the KAPOW!-Scoober Divers game play some regular pickup Ultimate. We could even rename any game that these two face off in as the Santa Clarita Bowl. Several players on both sides even joked about just hosting the game at home. We’re familiar with the fields, the elevation, the lighting, and how most people never show up on time. But not this past Wednesday evening. See, the problem with playing at home is that we never know if we will have any field space, or even if there will be lights.

So both teams showed up at Sepulveda, ready to play in a game that was over in under an hour and a half. KAPOW! won the toss, and elected to receive the disc in the hopes of repeating last week’s win. However, tonight was not KAPOW’s night. Whatever happened was like a mirror of last week. We had terrible turnovers, plenty of turnovers. We even started the game the opposite of last week, trailing 1-2, and ending the first half down 4-8. It felt as if we had fallen down while we were learning how to ski, and no one taught us how to let go of the rope. The Scoober Divers brought their A-Game and were ready to dominate.

Coming out of the half, Both teams traded points. Scoober Divers for 2, KAPOW! for 2, Scoober for another, KAPOW! for another. We felt that we had some hope, that we were starting to become buoyant in the rough and open waters…

Oh, wait, one of our players lost a fin. 7-12 Scoober Divers

Another lost their mask. 7-13 Scoober Divers

And someone’s pressure gauge was not working either. 7-14 Scoober Divers

It was time for KAPOW! to purge the water from their systems. To swap out their Wetsuits for Drysuits. And to get out of the riptide. Our quick recovery brought us to score our 8th point, but sadly, our boat ran out of gas. And we sat there, watching the Scoober Divers sail into the moonset, out swimming us 15-8.

The spirits on both sides were great, I can’t really complain. My team has some fundamentals to work on before our next game. I am, however, disappointed by one thing in tonight’s game. The lack of actual scoober divers. Maybe in their next game, they will throw some scoobers and dive for them.

Congrats to Brock on putting together a fine pod of divers! We look forward to playing you again before the season is over.

Well, that definitely sets the record for most Santa Clarita players in a single Winter League game.  I don’t know what the previous record is, but I’m certain they obliterated it.

Very interesting this new Scoober Divers team.  15-8 is a decisive win so I’m curious to see what they’ll do against some of the other teams.  Their next game is against the Rooks.  If they win that one, then let’s see how they do against a Tarmac or an Animal Style.


Date Time League Season
January 18, 2018 12:00 am Winter League 2018


Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex

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