Semicreatively Named Team vs Rooks


The idea of calling a team “Semicreatively Named Team” really resonates with me.  I gotta admit I love that kind of humor.  Like the Lei Out teams called “Some Wheel of Fortune Pun” or “A Team Has No Name”.  Although “Semicreatively Named Team” is even more on the nose.  I believe this is an example of a hyponym, but I’m probably wrong.  I’d love to hear from anyone who really know etymology who knows exactly what the term for this is.

So we have two recaps for you today.  The first is from the Semicreatively Named Team, and that’s Magic Mike Lichterman:

RecapMikeLSemicreatively named team got together for the first time ever to face off against a familiar foe, for those of us who were around from last year. Brief team history recap: a few of us were on suicide squad, the free agent team, the previous year (which faced off with rooks in the beer brawl bracket at the end of the winter league tourney), and from there built out a team that would be fun for everyone! Except, perhaps, those we play against. dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Both teams had enough dudes, although Rooks was clearly missing a few very important leaders. We had 8 men present, which is solid enough attendance, and had 3 of our own ladies and one sub (thanks Qiao!) to get us to a manageable 1-sub rotation situation for ladies.

Game started around 820; scores at various times were
Semicreatively named team – Rooks

at least, I think that was the final score; someone said the game was over after we scored and I didn’t argue. I was stoked with how we played, especially for a new team of people who basically don’t know each other except for me. Some tidbits: Molly, Qiao, Jules, and Stephanie all did a great job staying active on offense and defense despite being close to savage. Sarang and Trevor both made some great throws for scores, and Trevor got a great layout score early on in the game to set the tone, in addition to a Phil layout D. I think Tulane got 3 D’s in the first point which was wild to watch. Everyone played great D throughout to challenge throws or force hard ones which was great to see. Shoutout to Daryl on rooks for a few very nice hucks to derek, which I think were responsible (directly or with one throw after) for probably a majority of rooks scores.

We might give ourselves new names at different games throughout the season. Kidney Stoned is definitely a contender.

Unfortunately I think we had pretty poor bar attendance. Ian might have gone? Yeah, let’s assume Ian went, that way we had someone to represent us.

Well, that’s a hell of a second half.  7-1 shows they really gelled, and is a nice way to head into their next game against Kapow!

But c’mon, better bar representation is a must.  How else do you REALLY gel together than sharing stories of each other’s past relationships over rum and cokes, or is that just me?

The next recap is from Jeremiah Boncha of the Rooks.  This is a recap directly from a cell phone screen.  We don’t get a lot of those:



Yeah, there was definitely some fog rolling in.  I was playing on the other field and it was eerie.  Like right out of a horror film, except it was way too lit to have any horror.  (My team fell to 0-2 though, that was pretty horrifying.)

Can you please keep the “cut Colin’s bun if we win” rule in place all year?  That’s a really good rule.


Date Time League Season
January 19, 2018 12:00 am Winter League 2018


Rancho Cienega Recreation Center

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