Marshall vs Ninja Squirtles


I was deciding what to write about this game.  It was frustrating.  We went down 9-5 to Squirtles when a dropped disc about 20 yards away from their end zone gave them a relatively easy score and felt pretty depressing.  But we were up by 4 against Dumbledore last week and they came back to win, so we didn’t give up, and then we got renewed life when we reeled off three points to bring it to within 9-8 and had the disc with the chance to tie.  But we turned it over in the end zone and they marched it back to a score, and two more of those later and it was right back to a 4 four point game at 12-8.  Deflating.  We would go on to lose 15-10 and Marshall is now 0-2 for the second straight year.

Here’s Enway Melo with the Ninja Squirtles report:

It’s always fun playing Marshall, they’re a team with lots of experienced players and baller women.

RecapEnway2The game was filled with lots of great plays by both teams

AJ doing AJ things
Both Annie’s with great Ds
Connie ripping a huge backhand to Gary,
Mer calling off her own teammate so she could catch the hammer (you had to be there)
Jesse & Scrappy with huge ups
Ed Melo with some nice deep throws to Cortez, who caught them beautifully
Max with some great Ds
Marshall’s 50 hammer throws (maybe not 50, but it was A LOT)

That IS how we play.  Hammertime.  It’s not just Cubby.

Also, to mirror Enway’s comment, I love playing Ninja Squirtles too.  We’ve now played them 11 times, and each team has won 5, and we tied once.  Super parity.  Always great games.  And I should feel better even though we lost, cause they’re super fun, and I wish I got to hang out at Joxer’s with them, but I had a bad cold, and I’m saving everyone from contagion.


Date Time League Season
January 19, 2018 12:00 am Winter League 2018


Rancho Cienega Recreation Center

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