Animal Style vs Lunch Break


Just letting you know there’s a few things I fixed in the below email.  Because sometimes people make mistakes and it’s not a big deal.  Unless you work at Fox and your mistake means a famous actor was upset by the clip you released to the SAG Awards, and then you have to spend your entire morning hearing over and over again how you fucked up, and as soon as people come back from lunch, you’re going to hear more of it.  But lunch is actually a good segue into this recap from Alison Regan over the game played last night:

RecapAlisonIt was the perfect match: Lunch break, Animal Style. It was hard to think of ourselves as competitors in the face of all that undeniable compatibility – we just wanted to eat each other up. Nevertheless, the table was set, the lights were on (well, except for that 10 minute period when half of them were off) and a delicious game was played. The menu was prix fixe.

The starter was an unassuming appetizer of traded points – we were just priming the palate – each player took a bite and got a little piece of the action. Then Lunch Break got a, well, break. We put a little meat on the bones and served up a few long hucks for the main course, taking half at 8-2.

But Animal Style had some secret sauce of their own and came out of half-time like they were flame-broiled, ripping off 4 straight points while Lunch Break seemed to be taking a, well, break. But Lunch Break woke up from its tryptophan-like slumber and solidified its lead by taking the next two points. The score stood at 10-6. That’s when the lights went out. Wait – no dessert??!!

Then, something magical happened: the two teams, in a romantic gesture affirming our mutual affection and unbreakable bond, continued to play under the remaining few dim, gauzy, mood lights. It was like a slow-motion dance in a meringue sea. We traded points as we adjusted to this new, strange feeling – could it be love? We may never know. In the end, Lunch Break came out on top 15-7 and we drifted away as the lights went out and the fog rolled in, wondering if this first date was just the beginning . . .

That was very romantic.  Not sure if I’m in the mood to cuddle up with my wife, or eat a big meal.  Maybe both.  Why not?

I heard about this score last night from Snatch, who missed his game because of a LAOUT Board Meeting and wondered if he could’ve made a difference if he was there.  I asked “do you think you’re worth 8 points”, and he said “well, there sure would be at least 8 more scoobers.”  #truth

Sorry I got this out so late.  I don’t know why I thought I could get this out during the few minutes I had between getting reamed in the morning and then again in the afternoon.  Fun times.  I’ll need both that cuddle and that meal.  Bring ’em on!!!


Date Time League Season
January 23, 2018 12:00 am Winter League 2018


Culver City High School

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