Tarmac vs TBD


Did you know there was already a team called TBD in Winter League?  That’s right.  It was 2007.  They played in B Division and went 0-7.  And thus, by virtue of their Week One tie, the current iteration of TBD has already bested its predecessor.  Tarmac existed way back then, but that’s when they were an A Division team, so the two never met.

And now 11 years later, here we are.  Let’s hear from Tarmac’s Sonja Roden with the video recap:

RecapSonjaTarmac came back last night after a bye last week (which I was bummed about because 2nd week bye – ugh and then I ended up being sick so it worked out for me personally but I digress) so it was like starting the season all over again only this time it went much better. There were a bunch of great Ds on both sides. Their super fast guys made our super fast guys run run faster. Both teams had a female injury which sucks. Hopefully both women will be back to play next week. All in all a good night for the flatball. Also, Tarmac clearly won the bar last night. I can say that with confidence because I was totally there. Anyway here is another nonsensical video recap.

That’s just precious.

Also, props to Sonja for knowing you always shoot yourself from above.  As my friend Gretchen always says “hot from above, hos from below”


Date Time League Season
January 24, 2018 12:00 am Winter League 2018


Rancho Cienega Recreation Center

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