Tsukemen and Women vs Retro


Tsukemen and Women took the award for B Team of the Year in 2017 (yes, those awards ARE coming out on-line, I’m still working on them.  I know they’re super late, but they ARE coming.)  Retro was a previous B Team of the Year Award winner.  I actually won it numerous times.  So that made this a really intriguing match-up.

Today we have first time recapper Kristi Lin from Tsukemen and Women with the story.


The game started off strong for Tsuke, and they handily took half. We all love ultimate and each other, so we always come out with great energy. After half, Retro really stepped up their game with their zone defense.  Retro almost made a come-back, but Tsuke was able to push through with some great shots to the middle of the field.

Due to score discrepancies between the two teams, with Tsuke believing the score was 15-12 and Retro believing the score was 14-12, Tsuke and Retro played another last point and came through for the win again.

Tsuke individual player highlights:

Chicago has taken it upon himself to mentor young Nick (“he’s like twelve”). No need to worry though. Children are resilient. Nick even came through with bookends one point!

Big boy Bryce/Bruce (at this point I forget which one is his real name) got big in the air with ballerina grace and acrobatic athleticism. The general consensus is that he’s a freak of nature.

Claw showed off his Y-axis vertical and absurd hang time in the air. He’s so humble about it too. It sucks.

Charlotte ran down and read a deep shot perfectly on defense and got the D in the endzone. You go girl.

Hoover was not phased at all when a Retro man twice her size set an aggressive mark on her and got all up in her face. You’re our hero.

Tommy threw the assist to Chicago in the endzone and ran off the field celebrating before Chicago even caught the disc. Such hubris. Can’t get enough of it.

Bobman found himself in Asia and grew his hair out long. We’re all very excited for him. He made his Winter League 2018 debut and got an anti-climactic Callahan.

Can’t wait to get more noods next week!

There’s such a thing as an anti-climactic Callahan?  I don’t believe it.  By they’re very nature, they are the climax of any game.  Especially in a close game like 15-12.

Y-axis vertical.  That’s the first I’ve heard that one.  That’s pretty good.


Date Time League Season
January 24, 2018 12:00 am Winter League 2018


Rancho Cienega Recreation Center

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