Scoober Divers vs Rooks


It’s too bad Scoober Divers isn’t one word, because then it would be a portmanteau of an acronym.  That might be considered…. a portmacronym.  (Yes, I am amusing myself.)

Here’s the recap from the Rooks’ Colin Whitman on their game against the non-portmanteau Scoober Divers.

RecapColinWCrooks returned to criminal action last night with another heinous plot to steal the treasure from the new gang, Scoober Divers. But as the Crooks would learn, their underwater heist plans would be for nought as their rival gang’s name is a bit of a misnomer. Maybe a more accurate name would be Hammer Divers.

Rounding out the Crooks crew for the week were fresh-faced veterans making their season debut, along with a fresh-faced rookie brand new to LAOUT.

Long story short, our hapless villains shot themselves in their collective foot with a few unforced errors in the first half.


But rallied in the second to put up 5 more points with controlled handling from Claire and Brooking, impressive assists from Christi and Elaine, a point and near-D from Alma, and another near-D from Morgan. Crooks started laying it on hot and heavy but were no match for the younger Hammer Divers.


Now that there’s a male sub pool in Winter League, one of my goals in life is to play one game with the Rooks as a male sub pool player.  It’s probably a dream that won’t be realized cause they never seem to have a need for more guys.  But it feels more realistic than my dream to be on the Amazing Race.  Even harder now that Brodie Smith took up the “Ultimate Players” niche.


Date Time League Season
January 25, 2018 12:00 am Winter League 2018


Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex

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