KAPOW! vs Semicreatively Named Team


Semicreatively Named Team came out with a bang in their first ever game last week, and now played Kapow! looking to remain undefeated.  We start with Lance Iliev from Kapow! with our first report:

RecapLanceIlievIt’s time for a semicreative review for a game against a semicreatively named team, which for the rest of the review I will call SNT. It’s just too bad that Night’s Watch is no longer a team, because this game was a game of turns. A game of points. And a game of semicreatively made teams. When we saw that SNT had beaten the Rooks 15-5, we knew that this game would be both a tall order, but an exceptionally good game. Unfortunately for SNT, their captain Michael didn’t play due to an injury, but still came out to support and lead his team. Here’s to you Michael, condolences to your injury and I’ll be hoping and praying for a speedy recovery, and to see you out on the field again soon.

KAPOW! for the 3rd week in the row received the disc first and pulled in an easy goal. SNT, not to be outdone, fired back with a quick 2. The rest of the first half was basically a trade-off for points.

K! 2 – SNT 2

What would have been the most semicreative play to end the half on? “Hammer hammer hammer!” KAPOW! trailing 5-8 at the half.

If the competitiveness level during the first half was a 5 out of 10, it was at least up to 8 or 9 during the second. Both KAPOW! and SNT were looking for their second win of the season.

7-11 (anyone need a slurpee?)

And then this happened: the layouts. I’m going to call out Cam Armstrong on SNT for probably being their MVP and play maker of the game for his performance during the second half, saving/scoring them at least 2 points. He had a layout that turned into an assist, making the score 7-12 SNT. 2 points later, he followed it up with a layout catch off of a KAPOW! non-caught tip-d in the end zone, bringing the game to 8-13. All other teams, watch out for this guy! This has been your semicreative heads up and warning.


KAPOW! practiced harder this past week, made good line adjustments, and came out strong. But even with one of our lines having no turnovers during the entire game, it was not semicreative enough to stop SNT from winning 15-11.

On a positive note for KAPOW!, this was the first time we have had all 21 members of the team together and playing.


A little bit sad that with all the members of the team there, there’s one player actually wearing a Kapow! jersey.  I assume the order is in for the new jerseys and everyone will be outfitted at the tournament.

Good to see LAOUT Field Coordinator Chuck Bender on a team and out there at the turf fields he makes possible for us.

And here’s a recap from the aforementioned injured Mike Lichterman of SNT:

RecapMikeLkapow had lots of people

we had good numbers despite a couple injuries

I (also a couple others) showed up late because i was hoping that with enough second opinions my injuries would heal faster or not actually be injuries

half at 8-5, I think
game at 15-11, SCT, second half was effectively on serve, although it had a couple 2 or 3 point runs

I hope kapow! is good at these recaps I’m terrible

Also we might be losing the bar contest this week also, but on the bright side I did my best to make up for it with my coworkers when I got home. uh, and also at the game as I was not playing

Most interesting note of this recap is Mike using the acronym SCT instead of SNT, which I assume would be more accurate.  But it’s his team, and far be it from me to assume a team’s acronym.  I mean, for those who know Cubby comes from the acronym CUB for Captain UnBelievable, it’s not that much stranger to go with SCT for SemiCreatively Named Team.


Date Time League Season
January 25, 2018 12:00 am Winter League 2018


Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex

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