After Party vs Skylife


After Party made their Winter League debut last year and went 6-2.  Which is pretty impressive for a first time team.  And yet, would you believe it’s only the 19th best record from a rookie team in Winter League?  That was kind of surprising to learn.

Research.  It’s fun.  You learn things.

So let’s see how they did in their third game of this season, against Sky Life who they beat 15-7 last year.  Here’s Stephanie Hicks:

RecapStephanieCaptain’s Log Ultidate 01251.8:  After Party has been called on an emergency mission to the SkyLife star system, responding to a desperate plea to negotiate an end to the champagne campaign that has devastated the region.  First Officer Warden has established first contact with the “creatures of the firmament” and have gotten them to agree that the terms of a cease fire will be settled by a match of the ultimate kind.

Captain’s Log, halftime supplemental:  On initial contact, the creatures of the firmament appear to have lived up to the reputation as ultimate-ragers, with First Officer Armstrong immediately offering us whiskey from his flask, which sadly After Party was unprepared to reciprocate.  Luckily, their party-spirit was no match for After Party who quickly capitalized on their champagne-infused mistakes and took half 8-4.

Captain’s Log, supplemental:  After Party seems to have imbued too much of SkyLife’s whiskey and now has started making mistakes of their own that are quickly capitalized on by After Party defector’s Clint and Robin.  The female officers on both sides have little reinforcements and negotiation fatigue is setting in.  The Partiers’ focus is waning in the face of the never-ending  onslaught of speed machines Keith and Danny.

Captain’s Log, final supplemental:  Infused with new party spirit after a couple epic D’s by Joel, Sam and First Officer Warden, and with encouragement from the indefatigable Bambi, After Party managed to pull ahead and end SkyLife’s champagne campaign at 15-11.  Tim, Robin, Keith and Danny all ended the night sipping water at Joxers with the After Party Peace Officers.  A successful end to a difficult mission.

It’s interesting that this year, defectors went both ways.  One player left Sky Life to go to After Party and two players went from After Party to Sky Life.  Was it a trade?  Are we trading players in the off-season?  Were future draft picks involved?  Was there a Player-to-be-named-later?  And most importantly, who won the trade?

Perhaps we’ll learn when Steph does a The Next Generation recap.


Date Time League Season
January 26, 2018 12:00 am Winter League 2018


Rancho Cienega Recreation Center

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