Marshall vs Tsukemen and Women


After failing to play this game, and then failing to reschedule this game on our own, it happened anyway thanks to Dynamic Scheduling.

RecapSethThe Tsukepeople are coming, the Tsukepeople are coming! And you know they aren’t just coming, they are coming for you.

First and most importantly, they let Marshall go blue for shirts. Marshall has been messing this up all year by only bringing blue shirts to the game. You’d think after all these years, teams would just let us go blue. But it’s also fair to say, we might have more gear than everyone else, so STFU and bring Marshall whites. On to the game. Tsuke refused the ro sham bo, opting for the more traditional flip, which they won and chose to play with the wind. We started on D. It was a little windy, with rain predicted, so everyone knew weather might come into play. Tsuke managed to bring what looked like two teams worth of players (and yet, somehow Chicago skipped the Marshall game AGAIN- step it up buddy…) and started the game playing fast and hard. And the game was tight all first half, with marshall making a run after the first couple of points, only to be answered by Tsuke’s own run. Marshall took half 8-6. And then the rain started to fall. Conditions were already a little iffy, with more bobbling discs (and exciting behind the back attempts to catch them) than I’ve seen in a while. But as the rain came down, Marshall tried a little zone and focused on field position, while Tsukemen/women worked the disc with a lot of shorter passes. And in the end, Marshall + wind let us to a less even second half. But what the score doesn’t reflect is all the “to the pain” points, where you could be proud if you only turned the disc over once.

A great spirited game, with the only thing missing was tsukemen & women at the bar.

Yeah, I SHOULD’VE known weather might come into play.  But that assumes intelligent preparation, and that is not a fair assumption.  So I did not bring any rain gear.  And paid the price with wet clothes and general dampness.  Ah, but it reminds me of the old days playing in the rain at Marshall pick-up.  Rain was preferable cause there was barely any grass on that field, and mud’s a lot less painful to lay out on than not-mud.


Date Time League Season
February 27, 2018 12:00 am Winter League 2018


Culver City High School

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