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Pretty much everything I would’ve said about this game as a prologue to the recap is already mentioned in the recap.  So let’s get right to it.  This is Lance Iliev of Kapow!

RecapLanceIlievAs we found out on the last edition of the KAPOW! post-game recap, some stats were recorded wrong. So hopefully that’s not the case this time around. As we headed into Wednesday night’s matchup of the KAPOW! VS Rooks rivalry, let’s look back at some stats:

Since KAPOW! joined the league in 2014, they and the Rooks have played 6 games against each other (their 7th last night).

Of those 6 games, KAPOW! leads 5-1 at +22

The rivalry’s closest game was in 2015 with KAPOW! winning 16-14

KAPOW!’s overall record before last night was 10-17, with a point differential of-89

In and since 2014, before last night, Rooks’ overall record was 2-35, with a point differential of -195

Stats are included because apparently Andy likes stats. (I do.  – Andy) But don’t let these stats detract from the strengths of the Rooks, because last night they came out to play, and play hard and strong they did! In our earlier match-up against the Rooks, we had the very strong woman sub of Enway, and Rooks were missing Eddie Williams. But not last night. KAPOW! didn’t need any subs and the Rooks had one of their stronger players on the field. KAPOW! was actually missing one of our main handlers Billy Ford due to illness, and one of our main defensive handlers Danny Decker has been out for the past several weeks due to knee injuries.

Starting with the conditions, the night was cold and slightly damp due to the recent rains. Players could see their own breath. The moon was at about 97% full (Thursday night games get the 100% full moon, hopefully no werewolves come out to play). And unlike previous weeks where we just got to see the cool lighting of the fog, it smelt like there was a smokers’ convention down the street. Smokers lung anyone? Since it was our last Wednesday night at this location this season, I wanted to capture what the fog looked like for the rest of you who have yet to see it.


Next: Stats on the flip. I believe one stat is false on the flips – KAPOW! lost the first flip against the Rooks in the first game this season, but the Rooks decided to defer. In this game, KAPOW! lost the flip again, however, the Rooks decided to defer once again, leaving KAPOW! with a 100% reception of the first pull, starting on offense in each game. Will the streak stick in the final week of the regular season? Will KAPOW! be the first team to receive the first pull between all games in both the regular season and the tournament? We have another week and a half to find out. Does anyone know if there are any stats on this?

During the first half, the Rooks pulled to start the game, and immediately got a D in the KAPOW! end zone, picked up the disc, and took an early lead of 1-0. Both teams traded points quickly until the score was tied 3-3, and this is when the long points started. Bryan Devore from the Rooks ended the first long point after making an interception and tossing the disc to bring the score to 4-3 Rooks. 2 points later KAPOW! would bring a strong defense to fight against the strong offense of the Rooks, keeping the Rooks pinned on their own half of the field until Jay Newman scored, allowing KAPOW! to take the lead 5-4. Matt Theologidy lead KAPOW! with 3 assists in the first half, 2 of those in the final 4 points, KAPOW! leading 8-6.

Rooks received the first pull and point of the second half, bringing the score to 8-7, and started the battle of long points again. Such long points that KAPOW! finally used our first time out of the season in the 17th point of the game. Though we were trying to regroup, the Rooks returned to the field and brought the score to 9-8, KAPOW! still leading. As tiring as the game was, KAPOW! saw that there was plenty of hope and energy left when Matt Lawrence launched a mid-field pass to the end zone, to be tipped between Bobby Aholt and a Rooks player, ONLY to be scooped up on a dive by Matt Theologidy. KAPOW! up 11-9. Rooks rebutted. And then Gil Borruel pulled off 2 defensive moves to earn himself bookends off of the second. Score board 12-10.

The final 5 points of the game were a trade-off. Jessi DeYoung of KAPOW!, a league rookie (and who had actually never played Ultimate before November 2017) caught the disc to bring the game to 13-11. Everyone stood around a bit confused as to what had happened before determining that the short lob assist from Bobby Aholt was just far enough forward to cross the goal line. 3 game points later, Jessi threw the assist to Andrew LeMaster to win the game 15-12 for KAPOW! About 1-2 minutes later, after we had high-fived each other’s team and were forming in our post game circles, the lights went off.

Despite their loss last night, the Rooks put up an incredible fight. Several points during the night were not only long, but had close calls. And like those points, this game could have gone either way.

Love those kind of games.  Down to the wire.  Gotta grit your teeth, bear down, and go the extra mile, the 110%, the extra yard, the full monty.  (Although I think that means something else.)

And sweet.  We get a 100% full moon tonight.  That never causes any problems in the movies.

There are definitely no stats on how often a team receives or pulls the disc to start their games over the course of the season.  Clear LAOUT failure.

I think this means Rooks cannot have a 2-win season, which I am still rooting for.


Date Time League Season
March 1, 2018 12:00 am Winter League 2018


Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex

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