Scoober Divers vs Tarmac


Scoober Divers is trying to keep pace with Semicreatively Named Team.  Both of these newcomers have shot onto the scene in a big way.  SNT is 5-1-1, and SD came into this game 4-1-1.  Let’s see how they fared against Tarmac.  Here’s Sonja Roden:

RecapSonjaAhh Wednesday night in the Valley, it’s a lovely place except for when its freaking cold and stinks to high heaven. If someone could get to work on eliminating the smell and warming the place up before our game next week that would be great, thanks. The night was filled with painful catches thanks to frozen fingers as well as lots of drops for the same reason. I think the highlight of the night for most people was getting in their cars after the game and cranking up the heat. The low point of the night was watching Marcus’ feet slip out from under him and land on his knees on the sideline and by sideline I mean the sidewalk, the hard cement part of the sidewalk. Ouch.

So the gist of last night…they caught the disc in the end zone a lot, we dropped the disc in the end zone a lot.

Also here is your morning after video, with me, saying whatever, a lot.

And on that note sign up for St Pats Hat today before the prices go up again!!!!

I’m assuming she just got out of the shower.  Or that’s how she sleeps.  It was unclear.

Also, reindeer on the robe is only appropriate in Winter time, so she’s only got 19 days left to wear that robe.

No comment on the bear.


Date Time League Season
March 1, 2018 12:00 am Winter League 2018


Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex

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