Scoober Divers vs Semicreatively Named Team


Winter League tournament weekend is upon us.  Unfortunately, as of right now it’s saying scattered showers in Santa Clarita for Saturday.  But they may not start until the afternoon.

RecapMikeLThis was an exciting game which was a rematch of our one loss in the league. In retrospect it probably didn’t have huge tournament bracket implications (both of our teams would end up on one side or the other of the early round top bracket matches probably regardless of outcome) but was a fun game nonetheless. We were playing on a more narrow field than usual (~31 instead of 40 yards, I think) as there was another game on the other half of the field which was a refugee game of teams who (reasonably) didn’t want to drive through 10 hours of rush hour traffic to play in long beach. I think both teams decided before the game that with the narrow field some poach looks were going to be the magic bullet and so both played a couple very similar poach looks for the majority of the game; our women simply moved the disc more efficiently through the poach looks which ended up really being the key to the game.

Because I wanted to do at least something for the team I called the disc flip but lost. Inauspicious start. On the bright side I got there early enough to go get a double double at In N Out before the game so that was pretty awesome. Annnyyyywwwaaaayyyyyy, we start on offense on the narrow field and turn it on a deep shot, and scoober marches down and scores ez-pz. uh oh. SNT 0 – 1 Scoobers. But we go on a run over the next six points with lots of defensive pressure (both man and poach) to lead 5-2. Molly had a great couple Ds to prevent scores in the endzone in the first half (on the same point, I think?). Erick also had some really great run-through Ds coming away with probably 7 on the night. Taking away the first easy throw really pays dividends on defense. The last point of half seemed to take about twenty minutes but eventually we take it to take half 8-3, a substantial improvement on our previous meeting.

Second half was closer. Again, our offense ran through the poached players on the break pretty efficiently, and our women kicked ass working the disc up the break side. We made almost no ‘i bet we can come down with this 50/50 disc in the endzone because I have tall players on my team’ throws (I mean, there were only a couple) which was really surprising because if I was still playing I probably would have done that on every point. Good thing I’m not playing 😉 Chris also came down with a couple ‘wait, how did he catch the disc when the disc was in front of the other guy’ skies which was pretty sick. From 8-3 we went to 9-4, 10-6, 12-7, and 14-9 before game at 15-9.

Right now we are matched up against animal style in the first round on saturday, which would also be a rematch, this time of a tie from last week. If that holds out it looks like we could have some great close games at the tourney.

Cheers SNT, was fun to play with you! (or even eat In N Out and watch from the sideline )

I also got a double double at In N Out last night.  Very likely at the same In N Out.  The one on Venice, right?  (Having an In N Out close to your home is a blessing and a curse.)

Semicreatively Named Team finishes the season 6-1-1.  Their 81% winning percentage is the 17th best in history for a first year Winter League team.

Scoober Divers finishes 5-2-1.  Pretty good for two rookie teams.


Date Time League Season
March 6, 2018 12:00 am Winter League 2018


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