Animal Style vs Scoober Divers


Scoober Divers were facing a big test last night.  They jumped out to a 2-0 record with wins against Rooks and Kapow!  And they were both pretty impressive wins doubling their opposition’s totals.  As such, they got the bump up in class to play an Animal Style team that was the C champs at the tournament last year.  Here’s Joanna Whitney of Animal Style to recap what happened:

RecapJoannaAs much as discs are flying in LA, so are germs. Animal Style was hit hard with some nasty colds this week, severely weakening not only our immune systems, but our numbers as well. With only 4 relatively healthy ladies able to come, a strategically placed guilt trip email was sent to get the two sickest players to still show up despite it probably being a terrible idea for their own sake. Gotta love their commitment. That’s why we picked them to be our teammates and friends.

Fortunately for us, Scoober Divers made an agreement with us that we’d share the two subs they were sent, Papa and Skipper, and we let the sickos rest.

Points started wracking up left and right for both teams, we knew they were going to be athletic when we rolled up in our usual late and lazy manner only to see their tall and quick team warming up. We don’t do that shit, as Chris made a point about at game one. He thinks we do worse when we do drills, but he also is only just starting to get the pains of aging.

Scoober Divers may be a pick up team, but their skills are definitely those of quality athletes. The pickup part really only came into play with their strategy, but once they start to fine tune to the differences of league play vs pickup, they will be quite the contender.

at 7-5 us, we felt a little surge of confidence that we’d start to pull away, but as soon as we felt it, Scoober Divers answered back with two of their own. 7-7, keeping us on our toes. We take half and trade out Papa for Skipper to try to keep some equity for subbing. They both are very strong subs to have, each with their own strength and style so I appreciated the agreement of switching at half.

We rattle off three more before Scoober Divers get their rebuttal. Our zone defense proved quite the asset. It only got broken a few times, and each time we knew exactly where we got too complacent and quickly fixed that mistake. We also found that Big Dan Perahya is a great intimidation factor in the cup, I mean, how many handlers do we have in the league as tall as him and willing to throw over the top? I place the over-under at 2. That man’s arms are long.

Scoober divers call a strategic timeout at 11-8 and successfully stop our momentum, but we quickly get it back. The end of the game has some fun moments of Ted jumping too soon for a catch and popping the disc up to his lady love, Megan, for a score. Quickly to be followed up by a similar love connection between Dan (also jumping too soon, but maybe not even jumping because how often does he have to?) letting Chris slide in for his “gratuitous” catch to end the game 15-10. Always the dramatic one.

Hamilton has proven to be quite a great pickup for us, and stayed strong through a possible concussion that he dignifiedly (yes that’s a word, i looked it up) called a foul. We hope he is as quick to heal as he is at running.

Lastly, no matter what Andrew says, you always want all the pickles. And maybe then some Delicious Pizza.

I’m challenging dignifiedly as it’s getting the little squiggly red line under it that you can’t see, but trust me, it’s there.  (Pause).  Hmmm, looks like she’s right.  Joanna 1.  Spell Check 0.  And I would’ve lost a turn in Scrabble.

Excellent reference to Delicious Pizza.  I’m assuming she’s referring to the one in Hollywood, but there is a great one near me on Adams Blvd. and it is indeed delicious.


Date Time League Season
January 31, 2018 12:00 am Winter League 2018


Rancho Cienega Recreation Center

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