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Last night we had a rematch of the C Bracket finals from last year’s tournament.  Which actually shows a little bit of the shift in times.  Two years prior to that, in 2015, Animal Style and Sky Life nearly met in the B Bracket finals.  Both were eliminated in semis, and I don’t know if they played a 3rd place game for B, but knowing how fun both teams are, I like to imagine that at the very least there was some sort of boat race, or maybe they played a game of One Night Werewolf.

Interesting side note.  Current Dumbledore’s Army players Amy Halvorsen, Lincoln Scott and Daniel Kwok would’ve opposed each other that year.  Amy and Kwok were on Sky Life. Lincoln was on Animal Style.

But back to current day, here’s Joanna Whitney with the report from Animal Style:

RecapJoannaAnimal Style and Skylife have a good camaraderie whenever we face up against each other, and being that most of my Mimosa teammates play on Skylife, the game is usually pretty looked forward to. Now, both teams have more pride on the line during these games than maybe some others, but it’s still always good to come out on a cool Wednesday night in the Valley to play with friends.

The typical Danny Le butt squeeze did happen, I can confirm.

Animal Style is coming to terms with our progression in age, and really working on honing our transition in style of play. So when we face up against Keith, Ethan, Jim, et al, we have to start taking stock of our strengths. Sometimes we like to think it’s hucking. I like to tell us to cool it with that. No one listens. Keith’s speed and ups forces them to at least acknowledge what I’m saying.

With a sloppy cheer of “Happy Birthday Helix and Buster” we take the field. The points start to rack up. Buster cuts long for a catch and release for score, Julius breaks the mark allowing me to juke Elmo, who is covering the open side cut in every direction I try, and score breakside. Some other hucks. Chris claims his hammer to Gabe S was in the first half.

Skylife gets a few, Ted tries to take on the infamous Keith, then I try to d Josh on a floaty-ish pass, but I mean, me vs Josh, the outcome was as expected. I did appreciate that I could trust him not to lay me out. Helix is also put up against Josh at one point in our endzone, but it’s out of reach for everyone. He is very tall. And we are very not.

At around 6-3, Jim says to me, “man you are crushing us.” I say, “For now, but I know you guys.” He claims they’re a first half team. Then they rattle off two. I see what you did there Jim…

Animal Style gets their groove back to take half 8-5.

We had started to play zone in the first half and it was working well. Skylife throws it back at us. Sometimes it worked better than others. We contain them to only 3 more points. It helped that they didn’t make full field swings like I know they can. We left that a little more open than I like.

Some 2nd half highlights:

Ethan tried to d Julius who is unaffected by bodies bouncing off of him for a second attempt score. I cut deep to the end zone where Keith leaves me unattended, but because of his speed I motion to Tim not to throw to me. Hamilton doesn’t see my gesture, gets the pass and puts it deep, outpacing Keith by just a few steps. This causes Bubbles to ask me, “Is he new?” I tell her, “To us, he came to us from pickup but I think he’s played club.” Her response, “Ya think?” Hamilton lays out right on the sideline to catch an up the line pass that very deceptively stayed in. Julius to wide open Helix just a few feet in front of him to end the game.

Overall, Skylife was telling us they’ve been in a funk. We’ve played them to universe point other years, so there’s definitely something going on. We really missed them utilizing their ladies more like Bubbles, Elmo, and Banshee last night. Bubbles will run you and not feel bad about it one bit, see our aging problem above. However, Sienna did bring Girl Scout cookies to sweeten the night, so not all was lost.

Solid bar showing by Animal Style. We have yet to make it to Joxer’s but we are killing it at Robin Hood.

It is a cruel irony that the Wednesday night games are in the Valley while perfectly good karaoke is going on at Joxer’s.  The locals there do not know what they’re missing.  (The bartenders know exactly what they’re missing though.  Like, where’s Robin to buy 15 shots of tequila?)  Don’t you worry, I will do what I can to make sure Summer League games are on the Joxer’s side of the hill.

Nice score on Keith.  Yeah, if he’s gonna leave you alone, you gotta burn him for that.

And who squeezed Danny’s butt this time?


Date Time League Season
February 8, 2018 12:00 am Winter League 2018


Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex

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