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Suicide Squad vs Animal Style

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Animal Style nearly started off 0-3, and after a 7-0 run in their last game to keep that from happening, they’re trying to keep the momentum going.  They went up against free agent team Suicide Squad last night.  Here’s Animal Style’s Joanna Whitney with the recap:

RecapJoannaWith the last of the superheroes dead and buried, the mentally unstable of us are left to battle for what’s left. 

Monday night brought out the worst of the disorders, Hybristophilia, Manic Disorder, and Antisocial Personality disorder, to finally meet in the year’s top blockbuster-making fight scene.  Not wanting Batman vs Superman to be the most memorable of the recent mashup movies, LAOUT Studios brings you Animal Style vs Suicide Squad (Rotten Tomatoes score: 99% – you can’t make everyone happy).

The scene begins with us peering down a dark, back-lit alleyway that is eerily filling with a rolling fog.  As the dramatic music begins we see a dark figure round the corner shrouded in the fog.  Then another follows behind.  And then another and another.  As the crowd moves closer through the fog, their identities become apparent.  Seth is the first face to emerge as we start to understand just how deep the Suicide Squad rolls.

The cameras turn to show the other end of the alley.  Equally foggy and eerily back-lit.  Only a single short shadow is visible.  The outline is one with wild hair and sticks protruding from the arms.  As the figure approaches, it is revealed that Animal has come to claim the city of Culver for the Muppets.  Some choice attention grabbing clichés are exchanged to make sure there is enough material for the trailer to look epic, and the battle begins.

Suicide Squad throws the first punch.  Animal is a little dazed, but he knows how to hit back.  That first blow unleashes the aggression he had been suppressing up until this point and it is quickly fueling his Manic Disorder now.  He calls for his own squad to join him.  Julie is the first to step up and show just how hard a girl can hit.  The battle is back on even ground with the hit count at 1-1. (There is a cheesy graphic in the corner keeping score.  Style choice – questionable.)  Animal is a gentleman when it comes to duels, no matter how scrappy the studio wants the battle to be, so he gives Suicide Squad the next chance to swing.  With an immediate drop of their weapons on their own turf, Rob from Animal Style dashes in to pick them up quickly throwing a hammer over to Joanna for another smash.  Animal’s team is using their black gear to hide in the shadows for a few more blows.  The audience gets the shock value of this 3d movie when faces pop out at them from dark corners.  With that being said though, when Animal Style started looking to go high above Suicide Squad for some sneak attacks, the blinding lights prove in favor of their enemies.  The lighting and cinematography of the movie is Oscar-worthy, by the way.

As the battle rages on, the network calls and insists on putting more female leads in the movie.  They are all about equality and showing off the talent of all their actors, plus who doesn’t want to sweep all the categories?  La La Land needs to be outdone, 14 nominations?  Really?  Anyway, the towering Julius throws his typical high punch, Stephen tries to alley-oop the blow, but before he does we hear the melodious voice of Buster floating through the fog with the calculated “Let me handle this, boys” to land the blow that pushes the whole Squad back. 7-2.  She’s quite the heartthrob in this film.

The battle is only about halfway over when the camera pans over to the side between two trashcans in the alleyway.  Nahall is sharpening her toenails while the battle is raging.  She’s always been one of those weird super villains that no one quite understands.  But this methodical work proves to be intentional later on.  Also, expect to see a lot of children wearing their Nahall costumes with the long pointing claws on their feet this upcoming Halloween, she may be weird, but she’s an effective and heartwarming fighter.  Plus, the costume is pretty sweet, even if the sleeves are a little too short.

The teams regroup with the hit count at 8-4.  Suicide Squad tries to sneak attack on the cease fire, like the villains they are, but Animal was ready because they too were villainous and had planned the same thing.  Rob of Animal Style supports another leading actress with a reset from Joanna then right back into her hands for the first blow of the second half.  Shortly after that, Rob tried again to highlight two of his castmates letting them decide who would get the glory of the shot, and Joanna, vying for that Oscar win, stole the spotlight from her on-set romance Snatch.  The tabloids will be all over this one.  Is she letting this fame get to her head? Is Snatch pregnant?  Are aliens living among us?

Not to be outdone, Sauce attempts to highlight his own performance with an amazing pass to Snacks.  Needing some tension in the scene, Snacks looks to have a beautiful catch only to watch it drop from his hands in slow motion.  Is this where Animal Style starts to fall apart?  Got ya!  Every good scene needs high and lows.  Sauce picks up right where they left off to finish the shot with a catch from Best Supporting Actor nominee Rob.

Director, Seth Gillum, is directing the scene with encouragement.  He has always employed a method acting approach and let his actors really take the scene where they want it to go.  It’s been a highly talked about method and will probably begin gracing film schools across the country soon.  He is a shoe in for Best Director with all his encouragement to not just his stars but every position on set.  Really looking out for even the PA who may think s/he isn’t adding to the picture, but reminding her/him that everyone is integral to put this whole thing on the silver screen.

The graphic in the corner of the screen tracking all the hit points and statistics of the characters shows we are at 14-8 Animal Style.  It’s been a scrappy battle, but the two posses are bruised and tired.  Animal Style decides to finish the scene in a blaze of glory to claim Culver for themselves.  Rob, always an equal opportunist, puts up a final throw to both Nay and Snatch letting them decide their methods.  Nay with her already full shelves of awards decides to let Snatch take this one and end the scene 15-8.  As both teams crawl away to bandage their wounds and wipe off the soot that always seems to be around, we hear the theme song of “Ma na me na” play as it fades to the credits.

Did you stick around for after the credits?  If not, you missed out on the scene where Animal shovels 15 In-N-Out burgers into his mouth at once.  It’s an allusion to the sequel, due out next year.

Hybristophilia.  Wow.  I had to look that one up, and it definitely caused an eyebrow raise.  Yes Joanna, that’s my take away from all this.

Not even the Snatch pregnancy line.  That just reminded me I shouldn’t have stopped at the Snootch and Snatch Show as my comment on the last recap.  I should’ve made it The Snootch, Snatch and Snacks Show. tongue twister

Also that I’m wondering if it’s just a coincidence I had the urge to play a couple Youtube clips of Muppet songs from the first Muppet Movie this morning.

Probably just a coincidence.

We have another recap, this one from Seth Gillum, who put together Suicide Squad:

RecapSethAnimal style is a hamburger. it’s also a method of drumming practiced by one of the shaggier muppets. It’s also a damn good ultimate team. The Suicide Squad (the free agents new team name) took the field against animal style last night and it was quite a game. Suicide started the game on D, and managed to get the first point. I’m pretty sure this is the second (maybe third) time Suicide squad has managed to put the first points on the scoreboard. Good for morale, not great for lulling the other team into complacency. Animal style strikes back, and the game was on!

The squad’s D was tremendous, generating turns and making life hard for animal style, but years of chemistry and a little bit of their interior wild beastliness let them run up a nice 8-4 halftime lead. Many points went on for a LONG time. Animal style was coming off a huge comeback win over retro last week, and despite trying to run them into the ground, they didn’t weaken in the stretch. Instead, they doubled up on the open side lane poaching and gutted out a tough second half.

Suicide squad had close to a full roster last night, which was amazing. And there were so many great plays by both sides. Diving D’s, big runs and animal styles characteristically huge hucks. But the one thing I really learned watching last night is that the Suicide Squad is seriously good. Everyone on the squad touched the disc last night. Chemistry is building. And once people get a little more used to playing with each other, It’s going to be one downright dangerous team.

Looking forward to seeing that.  The roster definitely has some talent.


Date Time Competition Season
January 30, 2017 8:00 pm Winter League 2017


Team1st Half2nd HalfFinal Score
Suicide Squad448
Animal Style8715

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