Kapow! vs Lunch Break


Sometimes you gotta interpret the recaps, but I’m getting pretty good at this.  I went through a year of Joanna’s cryptic score recaps so I’m well versed.

Here’s Lance Iliev of Kapow!

RecapLanceIlievEach game we go into, I take a look at the stats of the team we are playing. Who they played against, how many points the won or loss by, and how the teams that they played are doing. All to get a general sense of how our game may play out. Animal Style beat Scoober Divers, but Animal Style was defeated by Lunch Break, who were defeated by Tarmac, who were defeated by Animal Style. Thursday night’s matchup between KAPOW! And Lunch Break could have been anyone’s game.

We went to the cafeteria during the first lunch period…

Lunch lady: “How much money did you bring?”
Us: “We’ve only got 5 cents. Is that enough?”
Lunch lady: “In sorry, but you need 8 cents to eat.”

With our heads held down, we left saddened, but quickly found some more change. Was it enough? We went back with the hopes that we would be pitied.

Us: “We’ve returned with more change. Is 7 cents enough?”
Lunch Lady: “I’m sorry, but if it still cost 8 cents I would let it pass. But now you need at least 15 cents to eat.”

And with that, KAPOW! left the cafeteria with empty and hungry stomachs. Defeated by a better team with much better defense, KAPOW! did not bring enough lunch money for our lunch break.

That is some cheap lunch.


Date Time League Season
February 9, 2018 12:00 am Winter League 2018


Rancho Cienega Recreation Center

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