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The last time these two teams faced off it was 2016.  I had to go in and update the score.  It’s been sitting wrong on the website for two years, listed as Kapow 15 – Retro 7.  But I double checked the recap (written by Steve Loh) from that day and it was actually Retro 15 – Kapow 7.  Weird.  I guess it’s never too late to correct an error.  (The standings were accurate, in case you were wondering if Retro got screwed that year by my error.  But no.  It was just the score page that was wrong.  The standings and the recap page were both correct.)  And wouldn’t you know it.  Two years later.  Same score.  How’d it go?  Here’s Lance Iliev to tell the tale:

RecapLanceIlievWith the end of season tournament just a few short weeks away, each team is looking forward to a great day of Ultimate, fun, and friends. But whats starting to be important is positioning, where will each team end up on March 10th? We would love to get back to .500.

As we look forward to that day, one of the few Saturdays that my boss allows me to take off, let’s take a quick look at some fun facts behind last nights teams:

Both KAPOW! and RETRO are the only teams whose name words are spelt with all caps (Sorry TBD, but your team name is an acronym, not words).
Both teams wear orange as their team colors.
Both team captains are named Lance
RETRO has 2 Lance’s, and both showed up
Only RETRO and KAPOW! have Lances on their teams in the entire winter league, making for the Lance attendance to be 100% last night.
Both team captains deal with video production stuff.

History wise:
The last time that KAPOW! and RETRO played each other was in 2015. RETRO went orange.
In 2016, KAPOW! beat RETRO 15-7
KAPOW! and RETRO did not play each other in 2015, 2014, or in previous tournaments.

And the simple recap is to send you to look at the previous recap of KAPOW! V.S. Lunch Break, which had the same exact score in both half’s. So what happened and was different last night?

KAPOW! again won the toss, and selected to wear our orange jerseys, putting RETRO in white. RETRO decided to pull and start on defense – that’s 100% this year for KAPOW! receiving on the first pull. KAPOW! struck first. Our players who scored and assisted would become our leading scorers and assistants for the night, Gilbert Borruel (3 goals, a shy cry from his impressive 8 last week) and Matthew Theologidy (6 assists, and he was gunning after Billy Ford’s record 12 from last week). RETRO fired back with a good D to tie the game 1-1. KAPOW! was quick to break the zone defense that Retro displayed. We managed to either have the lead for a point, or kept the game tied through 4-4…

And then we don’t know what happened. Even with Gilbert laying out in the back of the end zone on one of his scores to inspire the rest of the team to go big, RETRO pulled ahead to 8-5 at the half, leaving KAPOW! with only 1 additional goal in the first. And our second half performance suffered as well, KAPOW! only pulling in 2 more goals for the game, and RETRO leaving KAPOW! in the past, 15-7. So I guess we will go home until next week. With 2 more games until the tournament, there is still a lot of Ultimate to play, and a ton more points to score.

However, one thing I will say though, try not to listen to the sidelines when they are saying your name and there are 2 other people with your name on the field. Especially when you’re the only Lance that ever shows up.

And on the bright side from last night, I just want to say thank you to those who have complemented and appreciated playing with pylons. Dan, Andy, you guys want to make them a league requirement in the future?

So you see, there’s the problem with my error.  Lance looked back at the same page and reported the 2016 Kapow/Retro score wrong based on my incorrect writing of the score (which has since been fixed.)

But I do love stats, and this has plenty, so thanks Lance.  The 100% Lance attendance was my favorite.

You guys played with pylons instead of cones?  You mean these things?


Aren’t those more likely to fall over in wind?  Also, they’re a lot more expensive than cones.

Or do you mean like Football pylons?


I have no idea how these things stay on the ground.  That looks like it’s defying physics.


Date Time League Season
February 21, 2018 12:00 am Winter League 2018


Rancho Cienega Recreation Center

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