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Kapow! may have started off 1-3, but they have a very decent shot at matching their personal record for most wins in a season, which is 4 from 2015.  They went 4-4 that year.  A win from last night gets them to 2-3.  Let’s hear from Lance Iliev on how it went.

RecapLanceIlievFebruary 14th. Valentines day. Oh yes, a very special day to many. Like for myself. Not that I really celebrate the day, but it’s the first time that I’ve been in a relationship and dating someone since 2012. What’s cool is that she actually started playing Ultimate soon after we met at the end of October, and plays on my team. You should hear how we met. It went a little something like this:

“Do you know who I am? I don’t know how to put this, but I’m kind of a big deal. People know me. I’m very important. I have…
many Ultimate discs, and my townhouse smells of many cats…”

Oh wait, you’re here to hear the recap of KAPOW! playing against TBD. Both teams were hoping for their second win. The Big Dippers tied with Lunch Break in a previous game, the team to beat us last week, so the winner of this game could have been easy To Be Determined before the game. BUT KAPOW had a secret weapon last night, in the form of new jerseys! With a newly formed unity between our players, we showed up in style, ready to play our hearts out. Even the guy who sprained his ankle on Saturday earned 2 assists. That’s good considering we only had 7 men and 5 women from our 21 player roster.

For the 5th game in a row KAPOW! won the toss and chose to receive the first pull, but we could not pull in the first score against Team Better Defense. We played hard, traded points, and earned our first lead in several games to bring the game to 4-3. However, Their Blasted Defender Xavier Charles (If only his first and last name was switched around) came out strong as a key in their defense, and would not let our point spread grow. Their players must have Taken Big Dumps, as they came back to lead 8-6 at the half.

The start of the second half, and the points scored in the second half for that matter, was somewhat the reverse of what happened in the first half. KAPOW! pulled, got a turn over, and then drew first blood to start the big trade off of points. We all knew this game was great when the score was tied 10-10 before some Tubular Babes and Dudes brought their lead to 12-10, and then 13-11 shortly after.

THUNK! BANG!! DAMN!!! KAPOW! was on fire, taking advantage of Troublesome Bad Decisions, and taking the lead, making it 14-13 after 3 quick scores. Victory was in our sights. All we had to do was hold on tight. The struggle was real, but Team Better Decisions came back to tie the score at 14’s, forcing the game into extra points. Oh boy, that really escalated quickly. But we wouldn’t let it get out of hand fast. With might on our side, and love in the air, KAPOW! managed to put an end to this tightly knit game, winning it 16-14.

What was special about the night wasn’t having one of our players set an all time team, 1 game record with 12 assists, and another player possibly setting our 1 game scoring record of 8 goals. What was special was the unique cheer that Those Battlers Decided to use. It wasn’t the standard throw a ton of Batman fighting expressions in and ending with KAPOW! It only featured KAPOW! at that we make their hearts go KAPOW! (yes, it was Valentines day, but who doesn’t love carpet, or desk, or especially lamp?)

The other cool part of the night was playing side-by-side with our other Santa Clarita based team. Both fields used full sets of pylons, and finding out that not only did they go into extra points, but that we also matched their final score of 16-14. Sadly though, their half time score was flipped, Scoobers up 8-6 at the half and KAPOW! down 6-8.

Who said I was here for the recap?  I thought I was going to hear a “How did you meet?” story.  I love those stories.

And if you’re going to debut new jerseys, you gotta post a photo.  Now I’m just curious with no way to satiate my curiosity.  Is it the same Kapow! logo as before, or did you go in a new direction?  Is it still orange?

Does anybody on the team have to do anything embarrassing if you end up being perfect on the season on coin tosses?  Someone plays a naked point at the tournament maybe?  Just throwing out random suggestions.

Excellent throwback to Tubular.  Haven’t heard that in awhile.

We have another recap from the TBD side of things.  Here’s Greta Becker with a video recap:

Haha.  It’s worth it to watch it ’til the end.  A nice Valentine’s Day gesture at the end.

Although with all the talk of the bar, I admit I was hoping for the jump cut to the second half of the recap at the bar.


Date Time League Season
February 15, 2018 12:00 am Winter League 2018


Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex

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