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Happy Valentine’s Day.  Happy Black Valentine’s Day to all the single people. And if you don’t care at all about Valentine’s Day, then a Happy Saint Manchan’s Feast Day to you!

Rooks and Tarmac are two of the longest running teams in Winter League.  They’re actually both top 5.  Here’s the list of all current Winter League teams and when they started:

2000 – Marshall
2005 – Tarmac
2011 – Retro
2012 – Sky Life
2013 – Ninja Squirtles; Rooks
2014 – Kapow! (Although they missed playing last year.)
2015 – Animal Style
2016 – Dumbledore’s Army; Skeeter
2017 – After Party; Tsukemen and Women
2018 – Lunch Break; Scoober Divers; Semicreatively Named Team; TBD

As such, they’ve played each other quite a few times.  Last year Tarmac won 15-6 and 15-5.  In 2016, Tarmac won 15-12 and 15-13.  In 2015, Tarmac won 15-6 and 12-10.  They were in different divisions in 2014.  And in 2013, they were in the same division, but didn’t play each other.  So they’ve faced off 6 previous times, twice a year for the past three years.

How’d last night’s match-up go?  Here’s Sonja Roden of Tarmac with the recap:

RecapSonjaHappy Anna Howard Shaw Day y’all!

As someone who doesn’t really like chocolate I feel like I have to turn in my girl card this time of year however I am a big fan of waffles so I am fully on board with Galentines Day. And this Galentines Day the ladies of Tarmac and Rooks decided to dominate the field. I mean, I don’t pay attention to stats and all that nonsense but I feel like the ladies did a whole heck of a lot of scoring last night. I’m not talking about me of course, I was on the sidelines getting in some snuggle time with Mason. The guys did some pretty sweet stuff too. I especially enjoyed the Brian Munroe/Thies match up which was a game of who could D who the most, 4 times in one point. There was some running and catching – as well as some running and dropping – and in spite of math being hard and us playing a few more points than necessary Tarmac came out on top 15-9. Now sit back and enjoy my chat with the magical unicorn that is James Renfroe.

Hey Dumbledore’s Army I think it’s time you add some Marauders map leggings to your team uniform.


Also tomorrow is the deadline for St Pats Hat! The price goes up on Friday so register now!!!


Oh, you gotta love shameless promotions.  I know I do.  I mean, I did kind of encourage her to do it.

Not nearly as out of left field though as JV grabbing the attention of the crowd to promote his pick-up game at the Gender Equity meeting on Sunday.  That was classic.

Also, excellent Crosby, Stills and Nash reference.  As a big CSN fan (and CSNY fan) I was proud.


Date Time League Season
February 14, 2018 12:00 am Winter League 2018


Rancho Cienega Recreation Center

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