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There were only four teams left who hadn’t won a game.  And two of them were playing on Tuesday night in the TBD vs. Rooks game.  (I’m intimately aware of the other two as one is Marshall, and the other is Sky Life who I spent the weekend with.  A lot of losing in my life lately.  Sad emoji face.)  Here’s Greta Becker of TBD with the game report:

RecapGretaThis Brain’s Dead. I can’t remember a whole lot of this game. I would’ve taken notes had I known Don was going to throw me to the wolves and make me write this recap, especially when he WATCHED THE WHOLE GAME. Don is apparently “injured”, who knows.

Apologies, but there probably won’t be any gifs cause I don’t know how to add that kind of stuff.

The game started with the Rooks taking the first point and TBD answering with the second. I remember it being 3-3 at some point. Don? Any insight? No? Okay.

No idea what the score was at half. Is half at 7 or 8? Honestly, I always rely on my teammates to keep track of the score and once someone says it’s half, great!

The Rooks definitely have potential, they suffered from some unfortunate drops and confusion in their O line – but I can see all the new people developing really well once they get their basics down. I do remember one particularly fast guy on their team and a couple others had some very nice catches. I don’t know their names, my bad.

TBD took the game 15-4, finding a nice flow with our offense and forcing throws from the Rooks.

I don’t know how to make up for this lame review…but I could bring back cheese from Wisconsin this weekend?

I’ve never had Wisconsin cheese, but based on the acceptable head wear at football games, it must be good.

If true it was 3-3 at one point, and it ended 15-4, then there’s only two possible choices for half-time score.  Based on mathematical probability, I’m going with 8-3.

I don’t remember Don’s injury but I do remember him being injured.  Can I start a rumor that he broke his zygomatic bone?  I just learned about that the other day on a podcast.


Date Time League Season
February 7, 2018 12:00 am Winter League 2018


Rancho Cienega Recreation Center

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