Scoober Divers vs Skylife


Before I write what I’m about to write, you should all know that I never mean anything malicious in the stats I report.  I’m just fascinated with history and records, and I always have been.  I find all manner of stats entertaining and sometimes that means highlighting positive records, and sometimes negative one.  Because it’s all interesting to me.  For example, I have no problem telling you that if my own team Marshall loses tonight, it will be the first time in our history that we’ve lost four straight games in the regular season in our 19 years in the league.  I don’t say that to trash my current teammates at all.  I love them, and I know we’re good players.  The results just haven’t been there.  I merely find it an interesting factoid, and so I’m sharing it.

So I also find it interesting, and frankly quite surprising, that Skylife set a personal record themselves last night.  They had only lost 4 straight games once in their 7 years in Winter League.  It happened to open the 2012 season when they were in the Elite bracket.  They lost to Marshall, Ninja Squirtles, Kong and AFO before winning a crossover game against Let’s Get Horizontal.  That was the last year of individual divisions, since we moved to Dynamic Scheduling the following season, but prior to knowing that, Skylife requested not to be in Elite again.

This year they once again started out 0-4 on the season, so they needed the win against Scoober Divers last night to stave off the record books.  This would not be an easy task.  Scoober Divers entered the game with a 3-1 record.  Here’s Terry Parent of Scoober Divers:

RecapTerryThe Love was definitely in the air tonight in Sepulveda. Skylife was an awesome team to share the moonlight with, and in the spirit of this Valentine’s Day occasion, both teams took turns going down, then coming …right back up to either tie or take the lead.
The game started with Skylife scoring two quick points. Then, we came back strong with three points to take the lead. After trading points, the halftime score was 8-6, Scoober.

In the second half, we saw a furious Skylife team take five points in a row. A Brittney pass to Frances breaks the drought, and we scored 4 in a row. (12-11, Scoober)

After that, Furious Skylife scored three in a row. (12-14, Skylife).

This is when we went beast mode again. (This happened last week.) We scored to make it 13-14. Then, Brock made a clutch block to save us from game over, and we scored to tie the game. After that, Brock went deep to Devin to make it 15-14. Devin swatted a pass, and Austin’s throw to Konrad won the game, 16-14.

One more shout out to Mike and Frances who had killers games as well.

Finally, we want to add to Winter League that if a team shows up in pink on Valentine’s day, they should get beer.

That’s a fantastic rule.  Similarly if teams show up in green at St. Pat’s Hat (regular registration ends today), they should (AND WILL) get beer.  Oooh, snuck in that promo.

There’s very few holidays we actually play games on.  I mean, MLK and President’s Day we can’t get the fields.  Although, if you include smaller wacky holidays it’s worth noting that today is National Gum Drop Day, National Single’s Awareness Day, Susan B. Anthony Day, Candlemas the Feast of Purification, National Hippo Day, National I Want Butterscotch Day, Remember the Maine Day, St. Skeletor’s Day, Angelman Syndrome Day, Annoy Squidward Day (from Sponge Bob Square Pants), International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day, Lupercalia (pre-Roman festival), Buddhist’s Nirvana Day, Afghanistan Liberation Day, the National Flag Day of Canada, Singapore’s Total Defense Day, Serbia’s Statehood Day, Russian International Duties Memorial Day, Vanuatu’s John Frum Day, Philadelphia’s The ENIAC Day, Kosovo’s the Day of Ashakalia, the Chinese and Vietnamese New Year’s Eve, South Korea’s Seollal Holiday Day AND National Wisconsin Day.

So there’s something for everyone to celebrate tonight at Joxer’s.  I plan to drink to National Hippo Day.  That’s my favorite.  Although I do want butterscotch.


Date Time League Season
February 15, 2018 12:00 am Winter League 2018


Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex

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