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Saturday morning at Big Bear.  Saturday morning at big bear. Robin is cooking bacon. Also eggs, I should mention that. Jake is slicing a piece of cake right now and I have nothing better to do but put up this recap.

RecapMikeLI think this is the game that a few of us from last year’s suicide squad team had circled on our calendars for the one that we were excited about, as it was the match of the two suicide squad offshoot teams. Of course, I don’t actually use a physical calendar but it was metaphorically circled. Sockpuppet Nine Thousand vs Tangy Burnt Doritos…..who would pull out the win?

Sonic Narwhal Trappers won the flip for jersey and chose dark, whereas The Butthole Destroyers won the flip for game and chose defense. Trauma Bedtime Daddy came out swinging with a break after a few turns by both teams; this looked like it was going to be a battle as both teams were playing really hard man defense and trying to pressure the dump/swings. Seriously Neutered Terriers came back with a score and a break to return to on-serve at 2-1, with following scores of 2-2, 4-2, and Superior kNockout Torture(cmon, knockout basically counts as starting with ‘N’) 5-3 Tarantulas, Bedbugs, and Dachshunds. Some great poaching by Tamale Bechamel Datil forced a couple turns. We started figuring out how to beat the poaches and took half 8-3. We played probably the best game we have played so far, especially in the second half as everyone pressured Tickling Boring Dynamo’s throws while on defense and we really cleaned up some of our first half turns with more flow, plus a few very nicely thrown blades, on offense, to take the game 15-4. Trevor had multiple Ds in the last couple points, and Corey had probably my favorite ‘wait, what?’ play of the night, where he caught a pass near the endzone but dropped his glasses, and reached down to grab his glasses and put them back on with one hand as he dished the disc to Jackie for the score. Props to everyone for playing hard but avoiding the hospital as there were a couple plays that could have been dangerous but everyone made the not-going-to-the-hospital choice.

Also, shoutout to our ladies for playing excellent on both sides of the disc. Not gonna lie: before the beginning of this season I was thinking that maybe, if we were lucky, we would have enough women to play savage on a few of the nights. Yes, it really did look scary, as in, we might not even be able to put a team together. But we picked up a few great players, and suddenly, our ladies are playing shutdown D and moving the disc, which is awesome.

The final score isn’t really indicative of the game, as it was hard-fought all the way through, with The Brainy Daredevils contesting a lot of our throws, and forcing us to work our asses off on D. Also, neither Erwin nor Xavier were present at the pregame (the one from 8 to 10) for Tri Bromo Decane, only making it to the important game at Joxer’s afterward. Subliminal Nirvana Time lost the attendance contest at the bar but this time had 4 people show up which is a record for us so far! Rumor has it that some of our players have serious chronic afflictions, such as children, that prevent bar attendance.

Haha. I like his he says “of course i don’t use a physical calendar”, like i would know that.

Fantastic use of acronyms. I’m guessing half the time of writing this recap was devoted to thinking up names.


Date Time League Season
February 2, 2018 12:00 am Winter League 2018


Rancho Cienega Recreation Center

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